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Launch Best-in-Class Credit Programs to Grow Revenue

Competing for today’s cardholders requires card programs that offer an excellent customer experience and innovative functionalities that help consumers and businesses to achieve their financial goals.

Let i2c’s modern platform help you build a tailored card programs that has everything to meet your customers’ everchanging needs.

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Today’s credit card issuers — banks, credit unions, fintechs, and neobanks—are tasked with offering customers a robust set of credit products that enables them to go to market quickly. And there’s more to credit product solutions than just meeting customer demand. Card issuers need to differentiate their products from competitors and break the cookie cutter credit card mold while offering a valuable product that stays top of wallet.

Credit cards and other credit-based products, such as buy now pay later (BNPL), are some of the most popular financial products in the U.S., growing in popularity year over year. Demand for credit is expected to fuel the growth of the credit card market as well as fintech innovation for products like buy now pay later, consumer credit and commercial credit solutions, and prepaid credit cards.

This resource page was designed for issuers to use as a comprehensive, reliable reference.

  • Learn more about credit products.
  • Break free from cookie-cutter credit cards.
  • Use industry data to drive brand preference.
  • Customize credit solution set(s).
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