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Innovate with i2c Open APIs

Accelerate your time to market with i2c’s flexible payments and banking building blocks.

Create your own payments or banking value proposition

Regardless of whether you are a fintech looking to innovate or an established financial service provider trying to modernize your digital stack, i2c’s flexible platform was engineered to deliver customized card programs.

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“The reality was how to get past the skepticism. We had to rethink what a payment looks like…. And this was why it was important to work with i2c.”

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Sterling Pratz CEO & Founder, Car IQ


Digital banking and smart money management

“Thanks to our partner i2c, we’ve been able to provide consumers with a single app to manage spending and saving, as well as integrate those functions with other financial programs for more control over building long-term financial health.”

Adrian Nazari, Founder and CEO