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Customer Service and
Top-of-Wallet Status Converge

i2c offers world-class, cost-effective contact center options to
service your customers — whether you need an end-to-end customer
service solution or want to pick from a menu of support elements.

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Deliver a Multi-Lingual,
Multi-Channel Cardholder

i2c provides round-the-clock, multi-lingual coverage across two geographically diverse call centers, delivered across multiple channels, including live phone agents, interactive voice response (IVR), email and online/mobile web support.

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Highly Trained, Knowledgeable
Live Customer Service Agents

i2c’s live customer service representatives (CSRs) are well educated (70% have a university degree), continually upskilled and deeply conversant in customer service best practices and the payments domain. Agent turnover is less than 4% annually.

Increase Your Bottom Line
with Intelligent IVR

i2c’s multi-lingual IVR system is fully customized for your program and is adjusted to reduce costs based on portfolio makeup. Detailed call tracing helps optimize call flow and decrease transfers to CSRs. The IVR is integrated with i2c call centers to easily pass customer information.

Fraud Support to Reduce
Financial Liability

Fraud agents monitor suspicious card activity and investigate each incident to decrease your financial exposure. They facilitate communication with program managers and cardholders regarding fraud issues and manage reporting of fraudulent activity as required by card associations.

Datasheet: Fraud Support Services

Optimized Chargebacks
and Dispute Resolution

A dedicated investigative team manages the entire lifecycle of disputes or chargebacks to maximize positive outcomes – with a current win rate of 87%. They facilitate, track and manage the flow of documentation to meet required deadlines, while managing reporting as mandated by issuing banks.

Proven, Tangible Results

i2c has a proven track record of meeting key customer service performance objectives, including reducing average service time (AST), reducing IVR to call center conversion rates, reducing abandon rates and increasing first call resolution (FCR) rates.

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