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Customer support you can count on

i2c provides cost-effective 24/7/365 live agent support when and where you need it, leveraging innovative technology to ensure service quality and compliance.

Our customer service representatives (CSRs) are carefully selected and rigorously trained to deliver an elevated customer experience.

  • Global reach with call centers in the United States (Omaha, NE and San Antonio, TX), Canada (Montreal) and Pakistan (Lahore)
  • Supporting 216+ countries and territories 
  • Proprietary interactive voice response (IVR) system technology 
  • Providing multi-lingual support for 5 languages 

Win your customers’ trust and loyalty

i2c’s high-touch contact center service provides your team with a best-in-class global solution that fits your goals. Our team offers call script templates, comprehensive training and a seamless implementation to get you started quickly.

With nearly two decades of experience in managing customer care operations, we take the complexity out of building an in-house solution for your banking and payment programs. We bring the benefit of operational maturity and are committed to reducing your overall costs through continuous investment and innovation.

Key Features

Customer-branded, self-service options include a cardholder web portal, mobile app and FAQs

Reduce average service times (AST) with auto-populated cardholder information on agent screens

Live customer assistance with hundreds of experienced, full-time agents

Detailed call tracing to optimize call flow and reduce transfers to agents

Integrated IVR with automatic call distribution (ACD), text messaging and outbound calling

Record and store 100% of calls for ongoing coaching and training

Support for 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Urdu and Portuguese) and the ability to easily scale to any spoken language

Ongoing certification programs and comprehensive training

  • 27 seconds Average speed to answer
  • 92% First call resolution
  • 90% IVR containment rate

A hassle-free and cost-effective solution

We know that every customer interaction is important. That’s why our call center management team uses a variety of tools to monitor call quality and ensure adherence to procedures and regulations. Advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology is used to collect and transcribe voice recordings and provide a thorough analysis of all interactions. In addition, our team works closely with you to develop escalation processes that can be handled by us or transferred to your organization.

Our cost-effective solution offers per-minute billing rather than a per-seat charge. We also provide flexible options to integrate our IVR solution with the live agent portal to help lower costs and allow for customized flows and messages.

“Each one of our touchpoints is an opportunity to win or lose trust, reputation and loyalty. And when we do our jobs well, we know that our clients can worry less and live more. That is deeply meaningful work.” Serena Smith Chief Client Officer, i2c Inc.

Deepen customer relationships

Exceed customer expectations with everything from web and email support to intelligent IVR and live agents. Our service ensures a personalized experience from the very first interaction all the way through to resolution. Robust call routing allows you to prioritize calls efficiently and direct them to specialized CSRs, if needed.

  • High-touch contact center services that fit your goals and grow with you
  • Enhance the customer experience, your brand image and service capabilities while minimizing costs
  • Gain access to the latest tools, data, analytics and technology
  • Ensure compliance and service quality

We arm you with the data you need to proactively address opportunities for optimization. With detailed monthly reporting and calibration efforts, we collaborate to identify your customers’ pain points and respond quickly to enhance your program’s performance.

We’re committed to the highest security standards at each of our call centers with a clean room environment including encrypted customer data, two-factor authentication and no cell phones or writing instruments. All computers are fully protected with top-rated security software and do not directly store data. Call center locations require badge access, employ surveillance equipment and record phone calls to give you peace of mind that your customers’ data is safe and secure.

Our fully managed, state-of-the-art IVR allows you to personalize the service experience with a branded, white label solution that includes customized menu options and messaging in any language.

Access all your call data and recorded calls through a self-service admin portal. Simply view the call inquiry screen to review everything from the time stamp, caller ID and card reference number to cardholder name and much more.

Focus on Customer Experience

Rely on i2c to support your end-to-end contact center services today and in the future as your business grows.

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