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Eliminate or Reduce the
Costs of Fraud

The cost of fraud goes beyond losses by negatively impacting
customer experiences, while expending resources to control it.
Our approach combines advanced technology with a highly
trained risk management team to minimize fraud risk.
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Stop Fraud Before it Happens

i2c’s real-time fraud detection technology – delivered through highly configurable fraud parameters, a robust fraud monitoring dashboard and integration with major fraud scoring solutions – runs hundreds of pre-authorization checks on transactions in real-time, preventing fraud before it occurs.

Dedicated Payment Risk
Management Team

i2c’s risk management services are backed by a dedicated team of fraud analysts who work 24/7/365 to investigate events, interface with consumers to verify if fraud has occurred and address operational requirements such as reporting.

Card Controls and
Multi-Channel Alerts

Deputize your customers in the fight against fraud and give them the power to manage their account. If a fraud event occurs, the i2c platform sends fraud alerts to both clients and consumers through multiple channels, including SMS text and email.

Predictability and Peace of Mind

Take comfort in knowing that defenses are in place to detect fraud as it’s happening, and that i2c’s parameters and rules-driven platform can respond quickly to any fraud event – minimizing the impact on your customers and keeping you in control.

Protect Cardholders and
Safeguard Your Brand

i2c’s Fraud Management Solutions keep your cardholders’ money safe and your reputation intact, so they will continue transacting securely and confidently.

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