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Dedicated, Real-time Fraud Management

The cost of fraud goes beyond lost revenue by negatively impacting customer experience, while also taking resources to control it. Let i2c stay on top of this for you, using our advanced fraud technology and team of highly-trained fraud and risk experts.

The cost of fraud for U.S. financial services and lending firms has increased between 6.7% and 9.9% compared with before the pandemic. Every $1 of fraud loss now costs U.S. financial services firms $4.00 LexisNexis® True Cost of Fraud Study Financial Services & Lending

Stop fraud before it happens

i2c integrates our proprietary rules engine with other 3rd-party fraud scoring solutions to bring you the most complete fraud solution on the market. Pre-set controls and alerts combined with real-time monitoring and detection help stop fraud before it even starts!

Empower your customers to prevent fraud

Deputize your cardholders in the fight against fraud and put the power in the palm of their hand. From their mobile device, they can set up card usage rules by merchant type, location, dollar amount and more.

If a transaction is attempted that breaks these pre-set rules, the purchase is denied and your cardholder is notified immediately via SMS text or email.

Two robust service levels to choose from

Fraud protection and management is critical for issuers of any size. That’s why i2c offers two levels of fraud and risk services to meet the needs of all programs, small to large.

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    Our Standard Service provides self-service access to the fully-configurable decisioning rules engine portal, 24/7 monitoring and scanning, alerts to drive awareness and action, automated reporting, and live technical support to provide guidance on rules and parameters setup.

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    With our Managed Service, the i2c fraud team assists in establishing your rules strategy, configuration and oversees testing. It also provides 24/7 access to our fraud support specialists with human monitoring of authorization rates, rule performance and alerts. Our team performs rule and configuration optimization reviews on a monthly basis, recommends improvements, and monitors and spot-checks alerts. We help you stay ahead of fraud with automated two-way SMS verifications. And, for suspicious transactions – the team will investigate, escalate and act to mitigate losses quickly.