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Cryptocurrency Payments
Go Mainstream

Cryptocurrency is growing quickly: consumers want to be able
to spend their value anywhere and anytime. Cryptocurrency
issuers can deliver faster and better payment conversions
around the globe with i2c’s robust APIs, unlimited currencies
and settlement capabilities, and our Agile Platform solution.

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Power the People

Move cryptocurrency value off of the exchange and on to a robust card product that’s pre-certified with Visa® and MasterCard®, and that’s ready to use all over the world. Easy conversions, unlimited purses and multiple currencies offer convenience while unique engagement features enhance brand loyalty.

One API Call Opens

Code once to i2c’s global API structure that provides access to a rich library of payment features. Our APIs give you granular control over the most nuanced aspects of your card program – including seamless conversions and better card experiences.

Choose Any Currency

Empower consumer spending with unlimited global currencies and purses, and fast settlement features. Consumers can choose currencies, lock in the exchange rates, share value with companions and use their card value immediately.

A Reliable, Agile Platform
That You Control

i2c’s single, global, multi-function platform keeps pace with the cryptocurrency marketplace that’s changing at lightning speed. Get to market faster with new and fully integrated payments, engagement features and mobile solutions. Conceive, test and launch new features that scale when you’re ready.

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