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Industry and Platform Experts To Manage Your Programs

Leave the day-to-day program management to i2c! Our team of experienced program managers are ready to partner with you to share insights, define strategies and execute program plans with a focus on customer experience and profitability.

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Optimize profitability & performance

Our experts act as an extension of your team to monitor, manage and refine programs that meet your business goals. No one knows our platform better than us to leverage the features that will help to launch, promote, measure, and optimize your card programs.

Configure, test and launch programs at your pace

From account-level customization and configuration setting to compliance requirements, fraud management, customer service and support, i2c managed services can help you get to market – and realize revenue – faster.


Tracking KPIs for strategic growth

i2c keeps a close eye on the drivers that directly impact your profitability – such as Cardholder Acquisition Costs, Average Revenue per Card, and Churn, just to name a few. By quantifying and thoroughly tracking KPIs, we gather the intelligence required to keep your program on a profitable path.

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Ongoing analysis for continued program improvement

All of the tasks we perform to operate and optimize your program provide us with many insights. We deliver this information to you on a regular basis, and also provide our recommendations for improving your value proposition and enhancing the customer experience.