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Frequent Flyer Programs Just Got a Lot Better

Frequent flyer card programs struggle to engage their customer base. i2c’s integrated loyalty and prepaid card solves this problem, turning expense to revenue.

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Cost center to profit center

Airline membership cards are a pure marketing expense that don’t offer any consumer utility. A multi-function loyalty and payment card moves the loyalty card from the desk drawer into the consumer’s wallet.

One card rewards 100% of your customers

With i2c prepaid travel cards, your entire airline customer base is eligible – not just those with credit scores worthy of airline-branded credit cards.

  • Drive credit card leads

    Prepaid travel card customers can establish credit scores and potentially qualify for highly profitable airline-branded credit cards.

  • Engage everyone

    With built-in loyalty and payments on a single prepaid card, you can drive activation, grow revenue, reduce program costs, and reinforce loyalty.

  • Keep your card brand of choice

    Ensure that your card is the one customers reach for every time with features like real-time alerts and offers, companion cards, and convenient digital/mobile capabilities.

  • Multi-currency convenience for global travelers

    Real-time currency exchange lets travelers lock in rates across multiple currencies and generates profitable fees for your program.