Flexible Global Issuer Processing

With i2c as your issuer processor, you can support any form of payment, any currency, any form factor, anywhere using our single global platform. It’s highly secure, reliable, and fully compliant.

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Any Payments Vision

Define a payments vision that’s not constrained by technology or timeframes. Introduce new product features, receive market feedback and make changes to programs on your schedule. Deliver your product how and when you want—without processor intervention.

White Paper: The Road To Innovation

Configurable Building Blocks Architecture

i2c’s Agile Processing platform is made up of building blocks of payments functionality you can use to build any solution or payment use case. These interlocking blocks of issuer card processing functions make assembling any solution or payment use case easy. New capabilities are added all the time.

Proven Performance with No Downtime

i2c’s highly reliable platform is built for throughput, averaging less than 250 milliseconds per transaction. Our platform has not had an outage in the past decade, and security enhancements are released daily to ensure vigilant data protection.

Context Aware For Maximum Engagement and Revenue

i2c’s prepaid and credit card issuer processing services focus on the customer as the core account entity, not the transaction. Leveraging context, purchasing history, location, and other attributes lets you deliver one-of-a-kind offers and superior cardholder experiences.

Video: Contextual Payments