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Payments Should Just Work

Whether local or global, in person or online, businesses and consumers expect a seamless and speedy transaction, from authorization through settlement. i2c leads the way for issuer processing with the added benefits of real-time funding and unparalleled reliability.

EBook: Guide to Issuer Processing

Transact with confidence

i2c’s card issuing and processing solutions come with advanced features that will help you stay competitive and get to market faster, including a full array of digital services:

  • Offers & coupons
  • P2P money transfers
  • Card controls & alerts
  • Digital wallets
  • and more!

Automate and streamline your back-office operations

Our cloud-based platform helps you reduce complexity and gain control of the business operations that go with payment processing, including contract management, exception handling, reporting and analytics.

Instant Authorization

Immediate authorization for a seamless customer experience.

Real-time Funding

Funding controls give clients and cardholders ability to choose to fund cards in real-time during the transaction.

Multi-Currency Settlement

Simplify the setup, settlement and reconciliation of transactions in any currency.

Secure Authentication & 3D Secure

Prevents unauthorized use of cards with risk-based authentication using enhanced data and configurable rules.

Billing & Invoicing

Load the details of your contracts – prices, billing events and more – and automatically calculate invoices as well as commission statements.

Fraud Prevention

Integrated and configurable fraud engine runs hundreds of pre-authorization transaction checks in real-time to prevent fraud before it occurs.

A culture of resiliency for an unparalleled uptime record

Reliability matters! Platform downtime is on the rise and only leads to lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. It doesn’t have to happen.

We built our platform on the belief that payments and banking transactions are mission critical, and we embody this belief daily with an unprecedented track record of system uptime. When your payment platform is reliable, you can focus on the important things like delivering unique products and solutions to your customers rather than spending time pinpointing system failures.