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Our payment authorization system has operated at 100% availability for 20 years! We guarantee 99.99%, and we’ve delivered 100%. Why? Reliability matters.

Our clients agree – reliability matters.

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Does Processing Platform Uptime Really Matter?

For an issuer processor with 99.9% availability, or uptime, that still means almost nine hours of downtime each year!

Transaction declines and service interruptions can happen anytime, even during the checkout process; however, your issuer processor’s payment platform should not be the reason why those declines and interruptions occur.

Your customers expect their banking platform to work wherever and whenever they use their card, and while 99.9% availability is generally considered very reliable — 99.99%, or “four nines,” is considered excellent. i2c guarantees four nines, but we’ve delivered 100% authorizations for the past 20 years!

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