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Overcoming Market Change White Paper

Overcoming Risks of Rapid Market Change

Learn how an agile payments processing platform gives card issuers the control and flexibility to innovate and overcome the risks of rapid market change and legacy infrastructure.

Agile Processing White Paper

Agile Processing

Learn about a better processing model that gives control back to issuers so they can build and execute their product roadmap vision and address dynamic market needs.

A better processing model video

A Better Processing Model – Agile Payments Video

Predicting the future is challenging and today’s short product cycles are unforgiving. Learn how Agile Processing lets you deliver your payments roadmap.

Innovation at scale video

Innovation at Scale

Innovation is now a necessity in payments. Learn how to do it rapidly, without the risk.

Contextual payment video

Contextual Payments

See how to use insights and context from cardholder behavior to engage customers in more meaningful ways.

Platform overview video

i2c Platform Overview

See you can build differentiated credit, debit, and prepaid solutions consumers use.

blog three crititcal components of agile processing

Blog: Three critical elements of agile processing

Composition, Control, and Context hold the key to giving control back to issuers so they can execute their payments roadmap vision.

Blog sass platform payment

Your Own Future of Payments

Agile Processing give you the tools to be agile and build your own future of payments, free from the constraints of legacy processing platforms.