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Build Commercial Credit and Lending Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

i2c’s global, innovative platform provides you with proven technology to launch comprehensive credit card programs. With our all-in-one platform, you can quickly deliver branded physical and virtual cards to drive top-of-wallet behavior and increase revenue.

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Customize commercial credit solutions for all your business clients

Customize commercial credit solutions for all your business clients

Your clients expect a seamless digital experience—and that extends to payments.

When you partner with i2c, your business clients benefit. Our self-service platform empowers you to deliver commercial credit solutions that provide the flexibility and control to facilitate your commercial clients’ growth.

  • Make purchases and payments from anywhere, anytime
  • Optimize supplier payments with instant virtual card issuance
  • Set card controls to optimize spend management and compliance
  • Track expenses and spend in real-time to help manage budget and cashflow
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One commercial credit platform with a fully digital experience

Give your business clients the payment experience they expect today. Partnering with i2c eliminates the need for trade-offs between ease of access, control requirements and security.

With i2c’s global platform, you can tailor commercial credit, charge accounts and business lending solutions – all wrapped in a unified digital experience including:

  • Instant card issuance
  • B2B virtual cards
  • Spend controls
  • Mobile wallets
  • Integrated rewards and loyalty features
  • Expense reconciliation
  • Advanced compliance management

Make it easier for your clients with a credit solution from i2c. Simply manage program configurations, extensions, and optimize offerings in minutes.

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Let i2c help you build a tailored card program that has everything to meet your clients’ needs.

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Next-level Credit Programs

Competing for today’s cardholders require card programs that offer an excellent customer experience and cutting-edge functionalities that cardholders want.

Go virtual with mobile wallets

Make it easy for your business clients to make purchases from anywhere with their mobile wallet. Enhance your digital banking capabilities by enabling your commercial clients to provision virtual cards – whether credit, debit or prepaid cards – directly into their branded mobile wallet app and turn their smartphones into a digital payment tool.

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By 2023, the global contactless payments market size is expected to reach

$27.3 Billion


Virtual cards help clients with real-time and customized payments

Instantly issue hassle-free virtual cards to manage expenses while increasing overall spend. Clients can monitor expenses, track spend, forecast and stay within budget by simply applying intelligent rules during the transaction authorization process. Also, offer individual employees and departments with customized payment options for merchants and suppliers.

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Streamline expense and reconciliation processes

Commercial clients can also streamline expense reconciliation through enriched transaction data that seamlessly integrates their back-end accounts payable system for real-time budget monitoring.

Deliver Personalized Incentives and Rewards

Stay top-of-mind and build brand affinity with highly targeted and personalized loyalty and reward programs delivered at the right time. With i2c’s loyalty and engagement tools, you can create and deliver digital coupons, offers, promotions and rewards that can be redeemed real-time.

Deliver personalized customer rewards at the right time and the right place — in-store, mobile or online. Also, quickly create reward programs using our preset campaigns to leverage real-time access to customer purchases, locations and offer redemptions.

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Why i2c?

Your commercial banking customers are looking for business payment solutions that facilitates growth. Differentiate your credit offering with our global, all-in-one platform.

  • Digital transformation
  • Revenue expansion
  • Own customer experience
  • Maximize profits

i2c’s proven and modular credit platform enables you to use only the products and services you need

Out in the real world

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SMB corporate credit cards

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Credit & debit for small businesses

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Corporate cards and rewards program

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