Drive Card Issuance Innovation with the Flexibility to Create and Deliver Digital Payment Experiences

Leverage real-time card controls, multi-currency purses and instant program customizations to optimize your card issuing program.

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Our card issuance digital platform enables large financial institutions (FIs) as well as up-and-coming startups to deliver any card-based issuance product solution, such as credit, debit, and prepaid programs.

What’s more—you’re not limited to a cookie-cutter issuing model. With i2c, you can issue on-demand plastic cards, virtual cards, and payment tokens to your customers in real time! Plus, you have full card control flexibility, which facilitates unique payments experiences for your customers.

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Contact us to create your unique payments experience today.

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Why i2c?

i2c positions our clients to be visionaries in the world of payments. Why settle for anything less when you can totally customize your card issuing program using our global platform?

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    End-to-end customer lifecycle features including:

    • Credit
    • Debit
    • Prepaid
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    Craft any payments solution offering without restricting the payment form factor, such as:

    • Physical plastic cards
    • Virtual cards
    • Tokenization service
    • Single-use or multi-use payment products
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    i2c’s secure issuer processor platform is directly integrated with all major card networks and a global network of issuing bank partners

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    Deliver meaningful value using i2c’s advanced card controls to allow customizable user experiences and mitigate risks

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    Advanced card tokenization and digital wallet provisioning means you can deliver the most advanced payments experiences, eliminating friction for your customers

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    Integrated Loyalty and Rewards allows for real-time funding of cardholder discounts at the point of sale

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    With i2c’s funding controls, clients and cardholders can choose to fund their cards in real time during the transaction

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    Integrated, multi-purse features allow the consolidation of multiple currencies and the ability to set spend controls.

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