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Beyond the Card – Innovating Next-Gen Credit Solutions

Innovating Next-Gen Credit Solutions
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Financial institutions (FIs) and FinTechs are bringing new next-gen core banking and new credit products to market with a speed and agility that would have been impossible just a few years ago, thanks largely to the capabilities and services offered by a new generation of payment processors.

A steady progression of credit throughout the decades finds next-gen payments at a new frontier. Beyond the Card, an i2c and PYMNTS collaboration, details how traditional card products and the payment rails established to facilitate their transactions laid the groundwork for the dawning digital-first financial ecosystem, where consumer experience is first in line in terms of priorities.

Key Trends: Driving Innovation in Next-Gen Credit Solutions

Collectively, digital developments point in positive new directions for people and financial institutions (FIs) at this historically decisive moment.

Four key trends are driving innovation in consumer credit today – card ubiquity, cloud-based payments processing, mobile integrations, and digital-first card programs – as well as new options in credit, risk, and portfolio management.

The foundation laid by card networks has given rise to the digital payments ecosystem, enabling a much wider and more diverse set of players to leverage those rails and expand access to a variety of unique next gen credit solutions delivered via digital channels.

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Beyond the Card – Innovating Next-Gen Credit Solutions

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