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i2c / Finextra Webinar Replay: How Digitally Savvy Consumers Are Reshaping Credit Expectations Globally

How Digitally Savvy Consumers Are Reshaping Credit Expectations Globally
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Gary Wright – [Moderator] Head of Research, Finextra
Jim McCarthy – President, i2c Inc.
Satyam Agrawal – Regional Head of Retail Business Banking (RBB), Asia Pacific, HSBC
Brian Cole – Head of Product, North America, Visa Inc.

Banking’s mission continues to center around putting the customer first and providing efficient financial services products for them as they evolve. Yet, consumer behavior and expectations have shifted dramatically in the last decade and a new type of consumer is emerging: one that is educated, connected and wanting instant everything.

Being digitally empowered, customers today expect their credit card providers to deliver services that are on par with the experiences they are offered by other organizations like Amazon or any online business.

Within the US, in the first quarter of 2019, there were 336 million VISA credit cards in circulation, with another 788 million cards outside the US and this figure is growing at an exponential rate. However, larger financial institutions striving for increased market share and scale are continuing to use the same techniques to compensate for the lack of personal relationship with customers and delivering personalized credit programs.

In the replay of this webinar, in association with Finextra, you’ll hear industry experts discuss the consumer expectation with credit programs, and more:

  • An overview of the significance of customer-centricity for consumer experience
  • Outlining the global growth opportunity of credit cards
  • Other loyalty and rewards techniques beyond the traditional to attract new audiences (icoupons, trigger-based marketing, in the moment rewards)
  • How innovation plays into new credit programs
  • Examples of platform capabilities and personalization for the segment of one
  • The proliferation of mobile wallets in the digital age

Click below to listen to the previously recorded i2c / Finextra webinar in its entirety:



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