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Maximize Profitability: A Webinar on Bringing Card Issuing In-House

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In today’s highly competitive environment, owning the customer experience is critical to increasing revenue streams and adapting to ever-changing customer expectations in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Agent-bank models limit your credit card offerings, interchange fees, credit decisioning and reward programs. While you can put your logo on a credit card and quickly get-to-market, this “cookie-cutter” approach minimizes differentiation between you and your competition.

Self-issuance enables you to mold your credit card experience to drive cardholder engagement and retention. With unique card programs, you will own credit decisioning, drive the customer experience and can increase profitability by capturing all the credit card program revenue. Self-issuance can also help you deepen your customer relationships and increase cross-sell opportunities to further improve profit margins.

When you build your card issuing programs on the right platform, the possibilities to elevate the credit card experience are endless. You can create differentiated, personalized credit card programs that stand out in a crowded marketplace. Deepen your customer relationships with actionable transaction data to help you offer unique rewards and loyalty offers.

Check out our webinar featuring a seasoned panel of banking and credit experts who will provide a 360° perspective on self-issuance credit card programs. This session will cover the following:

  • Agent and traditional model landscape
  • Benefits of self-issuance: revenue expansion and customer retention
  • Owning the customer experience: digital transformation and personalization
  • Key considerations when moving to self-issuance

Presenters include:

  • Ava Kelly, Chief Product Officer, i2c
  • Dan Hanks, VP Credit Solutions, i2c
  • Bob Curry, Managing Partner, Bassett Capital Group

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What is the best method to bring card issuing in-house?

  1. Align self-issuance with your financial institution’s goals and objectives: increase revenue, retain business, reclaim brand or own the customer experience
  2. Set credit card strategy integrating pillars: tailored products, technology, and operational support
  3. Create a differentiated product that provides a competitive advantage
  4. Incorporate the necessary tools to deliver a dynamic rewards and loyalty program
  5. Leverage data to ensure a personalized customer experience
  6. Identify a program that can be quickly launched and provides real-time optimizations
  7. Implement tools that allow customers to start spending immediately such as virtual cards
  8. Select a time-tested platform that provides a seamless implementation

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