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The Power of Partnership: Swell Financial Inc. Delivers Next-Generation Digital Banking Solutions with i2c

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i2c is honored to enable today’s innovative visionaries as we strive to reimagine the digital banking and payment worlds of tomorrow. Swell Financial Inc., a fintech that delivers next-gen debit and credit solutions through its Swell Money App, is a prime example of one of those visionaries.

We sat down with Swell founder and CEO, Kevin Dahlstrom, to discuss the company’s mission to empower consumers to take control of their financial lives–and why Swell chose i2c as its issuer processor to bring its vision to life.

“Swell to me is more than just a job. It’s my personal mission,” Dahlstrom said when talking about his new financial wellness app. “I genuinely care about helping regular, working Americans get ahead financially. It’s a massive need in this country, and there’s not a lot of companies out there providing help.”

Built on i2c’s agile SaaS platform, Swell Financial empowers Americans to “make smart money moves” by equipping users with benefits including modern banking tools such as early paychecks, fee-free ATMs, and a personal line of credit. As Dahlstrom puts it, Swell is “an alternative to a traditional bank built to help regular working Americans get ahead.”

“One thing that became abundantly clear was that some of the older financial services platforms that have been out there for decades were probably not going to be the solution [for us],” Dahlstrom continued. “We looked at a lot of platforms and ended up choosing i2c as our platform. It’s a modern, API-based platform that, out-of-the-box, tightly integrates credit, deposit, and all the things we wanted to do. So now we’ve partnered with i2c and are building on top of that platform.”

Through this tightly integrated debit and credit service model, Swell’s mission is to help customers save on interest charges while paying down balances faster, with an ultimate goal of saving Americans one billion dollars in credit card interest.

“You have to move fast, because speed is your competitive advantage,” Dahlstrom said when referring to the launch of his app and what he was looking for in a processing partner. “We needed a platform and a partner that was much nimbler and more flexible, because we are building new things every week. We are asking our community to go on this journey with us because there are a lot of cool things we want to build, but we can’t do them all in the first version. I think we are going to pleasantly surprise a lot of people, because [superbanking] been something that’s been needed in financial services for a long time.”

We are excited to partner with visionaries like Swell Financial Inc. to provide innovative and agile solutions that deliver financial access to all, with unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and speed. Learn more about Swell Financial Inc. by visiting

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