Orlando, FL—March 10, 2009—At the 2009 Prepaid Expo USA, i2c Inc., an innovative provider of payment solutions, announced Process-ability Review, a free service that provides an analysis of a card program’s “process-ability.”

In Process-ability Review, i2c’s consultants work with a card issuer or program manager, under mutual confidentiality, to analyze the processing components of a card program. The results of Process-ability Review are provided as a quantitative process-ability index and a qualitative summary of recommendations. Areas examined include program profitability, the ability to bring new ideas to market, the ability to anticipate and react to trends, and the integration of products, channels, and services focused on leveraging cardholder behavior and providing engaging cardholder experiences.

“We are excited to launch Process-ability Review and offer our experience to help program managers and card issuers create successful prepaid products that take advantage of new possibilities,” said Amir Wain, CEO of i2c. “Process-ability Review reflects i2c’s initiative to think freely and process freely—combining imagination and creativity with technology and innovation to create comprehensive and flexible lifestyle products.”

About i2c Inc.

i2c Inc. is an experienced and trusted payments solution provider that helps card issuers and program managers deliver profitable prepaid programs. With MCP (My Card Place), i2c’s flexible, feature-rich, Prepaid2.0-ready processing platform, clients have complete control of their programs in real time.

With its value-added services, rewards and loyalty options, cardholder communication tools, and extensive analytics, MCP empowers clients to increase revenues, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and build a loyal cardholder base. i2c enables clients to launch new products faster, tailor programs for specific segments, and offer a variety of vertical solutions.

i2c holds ISO 27001-2005, CMMI, ISO 9001, PCI-DSS, and SAS70 certifications. i2c has headquarters in Redwood City, California, and more than 300 employees and five sales and support offices worldwide. Its customer support provides 24x7x365 service to its clients, which include companies in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe. For more information, please visit moodle.i2cinc.com/i2cinc.


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