7 Laws Campaign Outlines Requirements to Drive Program Profitability

REDWOOD CITY, CA. – May 18, 2015 – i2c has launched its “7 Laws of Prepaid Success” program, an expert series of resources which provides a powerful set of insights, best practices and tools to issuers and program managers. The series explains how to run more profitable prepaid programs, attract new customers and more effectively manage costs.

Drawing on over a decade of experience as a global prepaid processor i2c takes note of every stage in a card program’s life cycle. The seven laws include insights ranging from how to generate non fee based revenue, to increasing customer engagement as key elements involved in successful prepaid strategies.

Marc Winitz, i2c’s CMO comments, “The prepaid market continues to grow and evolve with a myriad of new use cases that include embedding payment capabilities into business processes for highly differentiated user experiences, as well as optimizing more traditional prepaid applications. Given that, there are proven steps that separate winners from losers in the highly competitive global prepaid market. As a leading prepaid processor and technology provider, we are providing a blueprint that can positively impact the bottom line of any prepaid program or use case”.

Market drivers including increased customer demands and an abundance of program choices are changing the game for successful prepaid offerings. Understanding critical KPIs, proper market segmentation and the role of successful program management to drive profitability are all imperative to achieve success in today’s changing payments’ landscape.

One of the primary challenges facing program managers relates to creating new revenue streams as fee income continues to come under pressure due to market maturity and regulatory requirements. Prepaid processors can help to deploy more comprehensive user experiences through the use of mobile solutions, integrating data driven insights around consumer behavior, that are coupled with geo-location and event driven offer capabilities. Taken collectively these areas provide context that drives a better consumer experience.

“Market responsive platforms and a disciplined approach to program management are required to deliver highly differentiated user experiences demanded by consumers. Card issuers and program managers can leverage i2c’s 7 Laws framework to attract more customers, keep them engaged and grow their portfolios”.

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