Agile Processing


Reliability and Stability – North International Bank (SPANISH)

Time Tested, Reliable and Robust Features – Bento for Business

UnionPay Partnership, Configurability and Comprehensive Offering – North International Bank

Speed-to-Market, Complex Multi-Programs and Partnership – OneCom

Scalability and Global Support – APTO Payments, Inc.

Configurability, Scalability and Robust Features – Bento for Business

Scalability and Speed-to-Market – Credit Sesame (formerly STACK)

Robust Features and Configurability – Equals Group, Plc. (formerly FairFX)

Reliability and Multi-Program Management Capabilities – OneCom

Partnership and Expertise – SmartHealth PayCard

Innovation and Configurability – SmartHealth PayCard

Migration, Availability and Partnership – Bento for Business

Innovation and Platform Flexibility – SmartHealth PayCard

mplementation and Speed-to-Market – SmartHealth PayCard

i2c Support, Innovation and Partnership – SmartHealth PayCard

Global and Speed to Market – DCR Strategies, Inc.

Global, Innovative and Mature Platform – DCR Strategies, Inc.

Global Cryptocurrency – APTO Payments, Inc.

Gaming Industry and Partnership – OneCom

Digital Marketing and Rewards – Sightline Payments, Inc.