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Wirex Delivers Innovative Crypto Solutions Worldwide with i2c

Wirex Delivers Innovative Crypto Solutions Worldwide with i2c
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Strategic partnerships spark the most profound transformations, a key example being our collaboration with Wirex. Powered by i2c, Wirex is a leading cryptocurrency payments provider that makes crypto and traditional currencies equal and accessible to everyone. To date, Wirex serves over five million customers spanning over 100 countries, enabling crypto users to store, send, receive, buy, sell, and spend more than 59 crypto assets.

Our recent conversation with Pavel Matveev, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Wirex, offers an insightful perspective into our partnership.

Innovation focused on elevating the customer experience

Wirex’s commitment to customer experience is evident in how they leverage i2c’s solutions to provide innovative products for their clients.

“It’s a great time to innovate to capture market share and increase market penetration by delivering on user experience,” says Matveev. “Wirex is focusing on continuously improving our customer experience, which is why we launched the virtual cards, why we launched biometric Face ID, and why we’re expanding to other markets.”

I2c’s building block technology allows Wirex to quickly launch and scale new products and services with ease—while providing its customers with secure and convenient payment experiences. Additionally, our unified banking and payments platform is designed to provide fintechs and financial institutions a seamless way to meet their business goals – supporting everything from core banking and card issuance to fraud management.

Speed to market around the world

Wirex relies on i2c to scale their products and programs around the world. i2c’s platform allows Wirex to launch new products and services in a matter of weeks, rather than months or even years. Matveev shares, “Using i2c in all variations makes launching the new product very easy. Right now, we are focusing on geographical expansion. When we expand into a new country, like Australia for example, it takes us maybe a month to launch a new card program. You can’t really beat that. That’s why having a partner like i2c is a competitive advantage.”

Speed to market is a major competitive advantage for Wirex. Crucially, i2c’s global footprint and ability to scale with our clients have emerged as a cornerstone of Wirex’s operational strategy. Our unified platform has allowed the company to quickly expand into new markets while meeting the needs of its growing customer base.

Tailored services for diverse customer segments

i2c’s unified platform enables Wirex to tailor its services to diverse customer segments. According to Matveev, “Managing and launching multiple card products is very easy on i2c’s program because we are using the same partner to manage everything. We’re currently launching card programs dedicated to particular segments, from our standard card, premium card, and ultra card. Redefining payments for cardholders around the world really is easy as i2c!”

Collaborations with visionary partners like Wirex align perfectly with i2c’s mission to enable global possibilities through a unified platform. Together with our partners, we drive the evolution of financial transactions, enhancing user experiences to reimagine the future of banking and payments. To learn more about Wirex’s pioneering work, visit

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