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A Season of Innovation: i2c Clients’ End-of-Year Success Stories

i2c Clients' End-of-Year Success Stories
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The last few months of 2023 have been nothing short of spectacular for i2c clients, with milestones that not only mark success but also pave the way for future innovations in banking and payments. Join us as we raise a toast to the visionary strides of our partners, who consistently push boundaries and set new benchmarks month after month:

Banking and Financial Services Breakthroughs

Leading the charge in financial innovation, Fifth Third Bank received acclaim from Forbes and Time, showcasing their continued commitment to excellence within the banking sector (53). CIBC not only led the way in green initiatives through their involvement in Canada’s Green Bond Framework (CIBC) but also set a gold standard in mobile banking, earning top honors from Surviscor Inc. for their exceptional mobile banking services (CIBC).

Pioneering Payments and Financial Tools

Payfare and i2c enhanced their partnership to expedite payouts for gig workers, a move that redefines the gig economy’s payment landscape (PYMNTS). Marygold & Company launched an innovative in-app investment calculator, offering users a sophisticated tool to forecast their financial growth (Marygold & Co).

Technological Alliances and Digital Advancements

The strategic alliance between Greenphire and Florence Healthcare has been instrumental in streamlining technology for clinical studies (Fierce Biotech), exemplifying the power of collaborative innovation.

Environmental Initiatives and Social Responsibility

Mashreq Bank’s collaboration with Visa and Ecolytiq to introduce a climate banking platform marks a significant stride towards environmental responsibility (Fintech Futures).

Consumer Engagement and Market Expansion

Beyon Money’s MoU with MBME Pay signals a significant expansion in consumer financial services (Beyon Money).

Healthcare and Wellness Innovations

InComm Healthcare’s collaboration with Instacart introduces a groundbreaking approach to healthcare benefits, offering delivery services for groceries and essential items to health plan members (InComm).

Gaming and Entertainment Evolution

Sightline Payments has revolutionized the gaming industry with Deposit+, a tool that maximizes the working capital for casinos and their operations (Sightline Payments).

As we celebrate the collective achievements of our visionary clients, we are honored to “enable the enablers” that drive our global financial ecosystem forward. Our proprietary “building block” technology is engineered to serve as the foundational platform for clients to rapidly and cost-effectively architect, roll out, and manage a comprehensive suite of banking, credit, debit, and prepaid services, with the capabilities to scale and expand with ease. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, i2c Inc.’s unified banking and payments platform supports millions of users in more than 200 countries/ territories and across all time zones.

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