Crypto Essentials for Banks: Insights and Trends

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American Banker and i2c Inc. collaborated on a webinar with an all-star panel of experts to focus on the topic of crypto essentials for banks. Moderated by Michael Sisk, Contributing Editor at American Banker, this webinar explores some key insights and trends that banks should note in the crypto space.

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The panelists span the industry and provide a comprehensive viewpoint for banks to gain insights about how crypto is being used and how financial institutions can enter the space in a way that makes sense for their business.

“Crypto is a learning journey, but don‘t take the current volatility as the end of crypto. It’s a long-term evolution that will continue to affect us for the rest of our lives.”

– Jim McCarthy, president of i2c Inc.”

Which category does your business fall into when thinking about your organization’s interest in crypto? The live webinar audience participated in a survey that shows crypto, despite market volatility, is on the radar for most FIs.

Be sure to watch the on-demand webinar to hear the panelists answer some of the most pressing questions around crypto, such as:

  • From a technology perspective, how do you cope with crypto’s volatility at a business level? And what kind of perspective does it take, from a top-down point of view?
  • What will the second half of 2022 look like going forward?
  • How do you balance risk management and rapid innovation?
  • How do you scale globally with crypto?
  • What are crypto-linked cards and what are some of the findings that i2c discovered in looking at transactional data for its crypto report?

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