Settlement & Reconciliation

Gain control of complex billing and settlement processes and increase profitability with i2c’s flexible platform

Automation of reporting, reconciliation, billing, and settlement of digital transactions can have a significant impact on costs. Multi-partner arrangements, emerging payments, or new loyalty schemes, can be very difficult to manage and require a flexible, modern architecture that can handle the complexity. i2c’s platform is integrated with capabilities to customize, streamline, and accelerate the most daunting billing and settlement processes, saving time and money.

Key Features
Load details of your contracts – prices, billing events, and other material requirements – and automatically calculate invoices and commission statements.
Determine how, what, and when, settlement will occur with your partners, and send payments with ease. Customize all aspects of how settlement occurs, from one centralized location.
Tie everything together by verifying that all activities have been completed accurately. Catch errors early and provide partners with a way to coordinate on discrepancies.
Run detailed reports on amounts billed and settled. Slice and dice the data any way you desire to gain deeper insights into your business.

Increase reliability and lower costs using FastSettle for accelerated billing and settlement

If your business model requires you to share a portion of transactions with partners, collect commissions from numerous companies, or settle in multiple currencies, these procedures can quickly turn into an operational nightmare. i2c’s customizable FastSettle takes the hassle out of these complex processes by automating tasks from start to finish, greatly reducing time and costs, and improving accuracy.


Simply define partners’ billing, settlement, and reconciliation requirements one time. FastSettle generates and delivers invoices, reports, funds, transfer files, and accounts receivable data, and automates the review, correction, and resubmission processes.

Solve Complexities

FastSettle solves complex settlement challenges that arise due to the creation, targeting, delivery, and redemption of mobile account, digital coupon, digital wallet, or ecommerce applications.

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