Billing & Settlement

Complex Billing, Settlement and Reconciliation Streamlined and Automated With i2c FastSettle

Don’t overlook the back-end processes of reporting, reconciling, billing and settling financial or digital transactions. These are vital functions for a successful program, yet they create significant business challenges with material impact on operations and costs. As you expand your product reach and discover new ways to monetize your offerings, a whole new set of billing, reconciliation and settlement issues can arise. These issues are magnified by legacy platforms that are not equipped to handle the complexity that comes along with this evolution. Multi-partner arrangements, emerging payments or new loyalty schemes, for example, can be operational nightmares to manage if the proper platform is not in place. You simply cannot afford to expend valuable resources managing the incidental billing, settlement and reconciliation details of your business strategy. I2c’s FastSettle is a fully integrated product in the i2c payment platform and is the automated solution that will accelerate these processes end-to-end and reduce costs.

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Automate Virtually

We store your partners’ billing, settlement and reconciliation requirements. You simply define the process once for each partner and we execute based on these requirements. We generate and deliver all invoices, reports, funds, transfer files and accounts receivable data and we automate the review, correction and resubmission processes.

Solve Complexities

We solve the complex settlement challenges that arise due to the creation, targeting, delivery and redemption of any form factor or ID technology, mobile account access, digital coupon, mobile wallet or eCommerce application.

Be Creative

If you distribute, promote and deliver financial products, a virtual marketplace, an emerging payment service that transacts in either monetary or digital currencies, or a coupon aggregator of loyalty services sourcing offers from multiple partners i2c can creatively speed money transfer, save costs and put money back in your pocket.