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i2c Enables Zagat-Branded Virtual Gift Card for SE Giftcards

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The i2c global commerce platform provides issuing, redemption and commission settlement for the Zagat Dining Card

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – September 23, 2013 – i2c, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based provider of cloud payment processing and emerging commerce solutions, today announced that it is providing SE Giftcards, a provider of next-generation gift card experiences, with processing infrastructure to power
the recently launched Zagat Dining Card. SE Giftcards will serve as program manager of the card and i2c will provide the technology used to issue virtual cards, facilitate digital redemption at the point-of-sale and track and calculate commissions between SE Giftcards and participating restaurants.

The Zagat Dining Card, currently accepted at 230 restaurants in New York City, is a virtual gift card
that can be purchased by consumers or businesses online. The gift cards are delivered via email and
may be redeemed at participating restaurants, initially by presenting the email in printed or mobile
form, and later by scanning a QR code on a tablet or mobile device. The network of participating
restaurants continues to grow and will be expanded to additional metro areas, including Chicago and
San Francisco, in the coming months. SE Giftcards will market the cards to consumers as well as to
businesses for use as employee or customer incentives.

SE Giftcards Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kelly, comments, “SE Giftcards is committed to creating
next-generation gifting solutions. By partnering with i2c, we are able to push our vision further and get
more creative with the types of experiences we orchestrate. The Zagat Dining Card is a perfect
example of this, as it is a 100% digital product that provides a seamless, mobile-enabled service
experience for both consumers and restaurants.”

“The Zagat Dining Card program demonstrates how emerging commerce can bring value to all
stakeholders and we are excited to support SE Giftcards as it manages the program,” said Jim
Ackerson, senior vice president, Global Sales, at i2c. “By building our platform to address the entire
commerce ecosystem – issuer processing, acquirer processing, loyalty and billing & settlement – i2c is
able to deliver a complete infrastructure solution for enabling these types of experiences.”

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