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i2c and SmartHealth PayCard Deliver First of Its Kind Credit Card to Help U.S. Consumers Better Manage Healthcare Costs

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Innovative, End-to-End Solution Designed and Implemented in Only 19 Days

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – February 18, 2020 – i2c Inc., a leading provider of payment and open banking technology, today announced its partnership with SmartHealth PayCard, a leading FinTech pioneer committed to changing the culture of healthcare payments. Enabled with the agile processing of i2c, SmartHealth PayCard provides the first credit card dedicated solely to healthcare, making it easier for consumers to manage their medical expenses in today’s environment of high deductibles, high co-pays and costly medical emergencies. SmartHealth PayCard is also designed for immediate payment to healthcare providers.

The SmartHealth PayCard was implemented by i2c in only 19 days and provides a complete solution including a revolving line of credit, cardholder website, mobile app, secure online tracking and record-keeping, discounts at participating healthcare providers, SMS messaging and, soon, rewards and the ability to provide a dual-card capability to support both credit card and fully compliant health savings account (HSAs) payments. The SmartHealth PayCard will be distributed through a broad network of corporate employee group programs, healthcare providers, community groups, associations and insurers.

“We’re pleased to be changing the culture of today’s healthcare payments with the SmartHealth PayCard,” said Paul Clampitt, an insurance expert and co-founder of SmartHealth PayCard. “We want consumers to have a seamless, frictionless, and more comfortable way to manage their expenses. We’ve been impressed by i2c because they’ve demonstrated an ability to listen to our needs and mobilize to deliver innovative solutions in extremely short timeframes.” SmartHealth PayCard co-founder and healthcare expert Jeff Blankinship calls the card a financial cure for healthcare saying, “Cardholders pay for their health needs right away and their healthcare providers get paid on-time, so they can focus on treating patients instead of accounts receivable.”

i2c’s single global SaaS platform is designed to be highly configurable, flexible, and reliable with over 100,000 “building-block” capabilities that provide the foundation to rapidly create virtually any type of open banking or payments solution. As a result, i2c can partner with banks and FinTechs on innovative solutions while allowing them to bring programs to market quickly and retain full program control.

“The SmartHealth PayCard is yet another example of the innovative credit solutions that i2c can enable to help issuers solve real consumer payment needs – in this case providing a new way for consumers to manage and pay for all their healthcare needs and expenses,” said Nikki Waters, SVP, Head of Global Marketing at i2c Inc. “We recognize how important it is for our partners to bring their product vision to market quickly and the agility of our platform allows us to deliver on that beyond what even our clients believe possible.”

About SmartHealth PayCard, LLC
SmartHealth PayCard seeks to empower individuals and families with financial solutions and resources to simplify and improve healthcare.

The team at SmartHealth PayCard has extensive experience in healthcare, insurance, government regulations, and finance. We seek to introduce transformative change to healthcare that benefits patients, healthcare providers, and society at large. Visit

About i2c Inc.

i2c is a global provider of highly-configurable banking and payment solutions. Using i2c's proprietary building block technology, clients can easily create and manage a comprehensive set of solutions for credit, debit, prepaid, lending and more, quickly and cost-effectively. i2c delivers unparalleled flexibility, agility, security and reliability from a single, global SaaS platform. Founded in 2001, and headquartered in Silicon Valley, i2c's next-generation technology supports millions of users in more than 200 countries/ territories and across all time zones.

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