World-Class Program Management That Grows Revenue And Profit

Leave the daily management of your prepaid card program to i2c and watch your portfolio grow. We leverage deep industry experience and platform expertise to craft and implement profitable programs.


Optimize Configurations, Control Costs and Improve Cardholder Experience

Our program management team will configure your program to control costs and improve the customer experience. You set the overall strategy and we take care of the rest – with customized settings for fraud, account alerts, pricing, promotions, partner commissions, etc. – to achieve your goals.

Get Detailed Reporting and Analytics to Maximize Program Success

On-demand reporting and analytics deliver information that organizational stakeholders need to make informed, data-driven decisions. We leverage platform analytics to optimize your program by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), spotting trends and evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns.


KPIs Keep Your Profitability on Track

i2c keeps a close eye on the drivers that directly impact your profitability – such as Cardholder Acquisition Costs, Average Revenue per Card, and Churn, just to name a few. By quantifying and thoroughly tracking KPIs, we gather the intelligence required to keep your program on a profitable path.


Proven, Ongoing Recommendations for Continued Program Improvement Results

All of the tasks we perform to operate and optimize your program provides us with many insights. We deliver this information to you on a regular basis, and also provide our recommendations for improving your value proposition and enhancing the customer experience.