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The credit market landscape is rapidly evolving. Card issuers know that winning new customers and staying top of wallet means delivering product roadmaps with programs and features that their customers value. However, the outdated legacy payment processing technology that issuers rely upon cannot meet the needs of today’s market realities.

A recent webinar with speakers from American Banker, Celent and i2c explored this new reality and investigated how a better, Agile payment processing model provides the control and flexibility issuers need to execute on their product roadmap vision rapidly and cost-effectively.

Download the webinar Executive Summary to learn:

  • The “new normal” of the credit space, the challenges faced by card issuers, and how legacy processing technology is insufficient for the new market demands.
  • How Agile Processing allows issuers to quickly and cost-effectively create, test, and deploy feature-rich payment programs.
  • The key benefits, attributes, and use cases of Agile Processing.