International Women's Day 2023

At i2c, we celebrate the women who help lead, support and grow our organization by creating a diverse and inclusive culture. It's our commitment to have a continuous focus on equity, diversity and inclusion all year round. We do this by celebrating women's achievements each and everyday in order to inspire women around the world to achieve their full potential. We embrace equity!

Celebrating Women’s Day

Believe in yourself

This year to commemorate International Women’s Day, we hosted a special Women’s Empowerment Session to encourage and lift up women in the workplace and beyond. Our featured speakers included Serena Smith, Chief Client Officer, Jay Bart, Chief HR Officer, and Sakina Ali Khan, Assistant VP-Engineering. The speakers shared inspiring messages to communicate i2c’s commitment to empower women by believing and acknowledging themselves.

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It’s essential for everyone to work together to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion which is why I’m proud to work for i2c, a company that embraces change at all levels.

Pam Guinn

VP Operations

There is only visible growth when you use your voice and display confidence in everything you do. Embrace every opportunity to make a difference.

Aline Riemenschneider

Director, Brand & Content

Embracing the differences of those around me elevates all of us to higher levels of creativity. That is how we innovate to make 1 + 1 = 3.

Christine Alemany


The more you grow, the more you have to offer the world and yourself. Prioritize learning and the rest will follow.

Ava Kelly

Chief Product Officer

Where Women Work Makes All the Difference

Sarena Smith

Chief Client Officer

Jay Bart

Chief Human Resources Officer

Industry Event

Build a Brand that Represents Our Global Community

Our very own Christine Alemany, CMO, will be speaking at the upcoming AdWeek "The New Consumer" Conference on March 30, 2023. She will be joining industry leaders from Mars Wrigley and MAC Cosmetics to discuss our commitment to equity and inclusion and the prioritization of cultural diversity. Read more about this virtual event and how we're making diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility a marketing priority.

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