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We Build Innovation, So You Can Design The Future

In fact, innovation is at the heart of all that we do. Innovation sets us apart, and we infuse it into everything that we touch – from the products we build to the way we service our customers.

Financial Institution Enterprise Data Analytics

The i2c platform gathers, integrates and analyzes information from disparate data systems across the enterprise delivering insightful, data-driven decisions and actions on payments programs.

Multi-Currency Debit

Enable consumers to carry multiple currencies on a single debit account so they can choose when, where, and how they spend – and in what currency – all with the best foreign exchange rates locked in.

Expanded Card Controls and Alerts

i2c’s next-generation purse-level controls enhance cardholders’ ability to manage budgets, limit spending and mitigate fraud, while advanced, real-time alerts enable delivery of relevant, contextual offers.

Credit Innovations for SMBs

i2c was the first in the industry to provide SMBs with easy access to increased credit with innovations such as Smart Pay (which automatically applies a payment mid-billing cycle based on utilization of a revolving credit line) and Flex Buy (which enables businesses to request additional credit to make bigticket purchases without impacting their available credit).

Consumer and SMB Credit Solutions

i2c allows FIs to go beyond “me too” offerings by empowering them with the agility and control to deliver unique, differentiated credit solutions tailored specifically for the needs of consumers and SMBs.

Mobile Wallet

i2c delivered the industry’s first mobile application to allow consumers to buy, exchange and redeem digital gift cards with a network of brands, digitize their loyalty cards and manage them from the app, and receive targeted offers which could be delivered and redeemed digitally via the app.

Next-Generation Multi-Pursing and Multi-Currency

Sophisticated pursing capabilities allow consumers to set up different, individual purses to hold money for specific purposes (e.g., saving for a vacation, establishing a college fund or allocating a budget). Consumers can also move funds in different currencies across purses, with real-time foreign exchange capabilities to lock-in exchange rates.

Loyalty and Marketing Solution

i2c developed and industry leading loyalty and marketing solution that leverages real-time data on your customers’ transactions, behaviors and location to deliver relevant, contextual offers to the right person, at the right time, via the right channel.

Real-Time Digital Couponing

Offers or incentives linked to a loyalty or payment card account which can be targeted to specific consumers, delivered in real-time and redeemed transparently when the consumer uses his card.

Settlement and Reconciliation

i2c’s customizable settlement & reconciliation solution takes the hassle out of complex processes by automating tasks – such as reporting, reconciliation, billing and settlement of digital transactions – from start to finish, greatly reducing time and costs, and improving accuracy.

Transaction Processing for Entitlements

i2c’s unique data architecture uses a customer-centric view of the cardholder as the core entity. This enables more strategic processing capabilities based on any customer identifier – like PAN’s and mobile numbers – while leveraging intelligence such as context, location and relevancy for in-authorization targeting of offers, rewards, and redemption events.

Multi-Pursing and Mobile Wallet Support

Introduced support for multiple purses from a single account. Implemented mobile wallet technology into production, enabling the ability to make payments in a mobile environment.

Payments Processing Platform

Launched visionary, cloud-based, single, global payments processing platform – with multi-function systems and offering software as a service – that would revolutionize how transaction processing is done.

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