The Velocity Of Change Is Defining Payments

It’s our job to make sure you’re ready for the future. i2c’s mission is to give card issuers the tools they need to compete and win.


The Struggle to Compete in a Relentlessly Evolving Market

Consumer behavior is changing, and innovation and rapid technology adoption are compressing timelines for FIs to get the
right product roadmap to market. Until recently, there was ten years’ time between innovators and laggards.
Today, that timeline has shrunk from two or three years to as little as 30 days or less for many programs.

Legacy Infrastructure Isn’t Designed for Today’s World

The problem is legacy processing technology is out of sync with today’s market. It’s decades old and inherently inflexible, complex, and expensive to maintain.

Our Platform

You Need Agility to Navigate Change

The secret to agility in payments is having the right tools to quickly and cost effectively roll out any payment solution in response to market needs – when you want and what you want, at any point in the future.

Agile Processing

Engineering a Platform to Give Issuers the Control They’ve Never Had

From the outset, i2c set out to engineer a reliable and configurable payments processing platform to give issuers the control they’ve never had to respond to market feedback and build integrated, contextual product offerings and differentiated experiences.

Agile Building Blocks for Your Product Vision

We built the Agile Payments processing platform comprised of interlocking building blocks of payments functionality—such as digital coupons and multi-currency purses that can be rapidly assembled to bring new solutions to market. Like building blocks. No coding required.

The Control and Flexibility You Need

Design, test, and scale new features and offerings unique to your business with the flexibility and control to define what differentiation is—all on a platform that is highly reliable and secure. Concepts can be created and implemented quickly, often within 30 days.

Own Your Future in Payments

Agile Processing takes issuers away from the process of predicting the future of payments, enabling them to decide how, when, and where they want to address the market.

About Us

i2c’s mission is to empower our clients to create differentiated payment and banking experiences for consumers and businesses around the world. We build the payment technology and services global brands, financial institutions, corporations, and governments need to deliver high-impact, personalized payments and commerce solutions that build loyalty and engage today’s consumers in new ways, creating more profitable relationships.

i2c’s highly-configurable, cloud-based Agile Processing payments platform provides unparalleled flexibility, agility, and reliability so companies can quickly and cost-effectively deploy differentiated, feature-rich credit, debit, and prepaid programs anywhere in the world. Our customers rely on us to support the highly-differentiated needs of cardholders in 216 countries and territories across 24 time zones.

Our Mission And
The Values That Drive Us

To empower our clients to create differentiated payment and banking experiences for consumers and businesses around the world.

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    We challenge ourselves to do our best work and commit to continual improvement and excellence.
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    We question the status quo and look at challenges in new ways. Our curiosity drives creativity, new ideas, and innovation.
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    Our goal every single day is to help our co-workers, customers, and partners succeed and to do what’s best for others in our community.
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    Our business knows no borders, and our community knows no boundaries. We are a global team working together to support our customers and the millions of consumers around the globe who rely on us to deliver world-class solutions.
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    Teamwork inspires us to be the best at what we do. Together we build a respectful, friendly, and collaborative work environment that opens doors to professional and personal growth.
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    We are committed to the highest ethical standards.