Global Capabilities

One World. One Platform.

Streamlining expansion for all global markets

As you potentially expand your business globally, there will be a number of challenges related to language, currency, distribution, settlement, local switch integration and government regulation. Our platform plays a pivotal role in effectively addressing these challenges with our single platform, globally ready capabilities.

If you are using a legacy platform now, chances are you’re struggling to expand into different markets due to the disjointed, piece-meal manner in which those platforms support global business. Or if you are using a custom-developed processing platform you may be finding it difficult and time consuming to expand internationally as your unable to accommodate multiple country-specific requirements simultaneously. Our solutions – including our transaction processing, loyalty and settlement platforms – are designed to support global business from the start. Get to market quickly by utilizing our advantages.


Our platforms were built from day one with native support for any currency, language, regulatory requirement or network switch. The user-defined nature of i2c’s platforms makes them inherently suitable for global expansion since country-specific requirements can be defined through settings, templates and data configuration. This translates into increased speed to market and lower development-related expenditures for our clients and a single enterprise view from one system.

We have one of the largest engineering teams devoted to the prepaid / stored value market and so we are readily available to assist you in integrating with local switches, mobile telecommunication providers, distribution channels, issuing banks and other partners. In many cases, we can work with you to roll-out new markets in under 60 days. With existing certifications to process payments in multiple countries and 24x7x365 support for both clients and end consumers, it’s clear why many leading multinational businesses choose to partner with us.

We are certified to process Visa and MasterCard transactions in most regions of the world and have many years of experience completing global roll-outs. Global experience and organizational agility, coupled with our single platform solutions, make us an ideal partner for companies that want to execute a multinational business strategy quickly and effectively.