Travel Card

Give travelers a secure, convenient, and more manageable payment alternative

With increased globalization and expansion of the world’s economy, the number of consumers traveling in-country and internationally for both leisure and business is growing. For travelers, traditional payment choices – including cash, travelers checks, and credit cards – aren’t always convenient or secure and can’t always meet their needs.

i2c prepaid travel cards are the perfect alternative to these traditional payment methods. With i2c’s global platform, financial institutions and brands can quickly launch and customize travel card programs in any currency and language, making it easy for consumers to make transactions in more places and manage their finances while they travel at home and abroad.

Key Features
Global Solution
Global Solution
i2c’s platform supports any currency and language, allowing customers to deploy multi-currency programs that span different geographies. Account access applications – cardholder website, mobile website, IVR, mobile app, and real-time text alerts – can be customized with any language you need.
Convenient Access to Multiple Currencies
Access to Multiple Currencies
With our multi-purse capabilities, travel card users can carry unlimited currencies on one card, allowing them to save time and avoid foreign transaction fees. They can add new currencies and transfer funds between currency purses—all in real-time—and text alerts can be set-up to inform travelers when they are nearing a purse limit so that funds can be transferred for upcoming purchases.
Real-Time Communications
Real-Time Communications
Personalized and contextual real-time alerts delivered via push, text, email, or phone give travelers immediate updates on critical account information – including account/purse balance, recent activity, reason for decline, suspicious activity, nearing account/purse limit, and other communications that you can define.
Self-Service Administrative Portal
Self-Service Administrative Portal
i2c provides all of the tools needed to maintain a consistent and positive experience for your customers, and you can make changes immediately with our online self-service administrative portal.
Extensive Security
Extensive Security
i2c supports EMV chip technology (Chip and PIN) which provides wide global acceptance and added protection against fraud. Your customers’ money and personal information are further protected by the comprehensive security technology, processes and standards built into our platform.

Offer a perfect alternative to traditional travel payment methods

Anywhere, Anytime Money Management

Cardholders have a holistic view of their money and specific currency purse balances. Because all account access applications are integrated directly on the i2c platform, customers always see the most up-to-date balances on their travel cards. Also, i2c’s call centers are available to meet your live customer service needs.

Manage Programs with a Flexible, Configurable and Scalable System

Our cloud-based solution allows you to quickly create travel card programs without making expensive IT investments. The i2c platform is driven by user-defined parameters and business rules so companies can create programs to meet the specific needs of their business. As your needs grow, new programs can be added in a matter of hours and changes can be made in real-time.

Deploy Rapidly

Because of i2c’s cloud-based architecture, there is no investment in IT infrastructure or support. So you save time and money—and can be up and running in as little as 30 days.

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