i2c’s platform for innovation moves prepaid beyond the J hook

The rapidly growing prepaid card market is where all the innovation in payments is happening. That’s because the best prepaid systems can address virtually any payment need, embedding an exchange of value into any business process—if they’re powered by the right platform. Whether you require combined multi-function payment and loyalty cards, corporate travel cards to manage budgets, payroll cards, or general purpose reloadable solutions, prepaid cuts across industries, sectors, and applications.

i2c’s Prepaid Card solution allows banks and program managers to quickly create truly innovative products that meet the specific needs of their businesses and target markets. As requirements evolve, new programs can be added in a matter of hours, and changes can be made real-time, putting you in control of how to respond to changing market needs.

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i2c Prepaid Card Solutions Benefits

Differentiated Cardholder Experience

A successful prepaid program has to offer a compelling cardholder experience with innovative, personalized features that set it apart from any other payment card in the consumer’s wallet. i2c’s platform allows you to ideate, create, and enable prepaid programs with easy-to-use features like consumer controls and alerts, digital and mobile features, multi-currency purses, and loyalty programs.

Highly Secure and Reliable

The i2c platform adheres to the highest security and processing standards. Sensitive data is protected by advanced technology, and integrated fraud management features help consumers, financial institutions, and brands manage fraud risk.

Custom Branded

The entire cardholder experience can be branded to your enterprise, including cards, cardholder and partner websites, and mobile apps.

Relevant and Timely Cardholder Communication

Provide customers with critical information in real-time, such as loads or deposits posted, account balance, recent or suspicious activity, nearing account limit, and other communications that you define.

Rewards and Incentives

Offer real-time, targeted digital coupons or rewards to encourage desired behavior and retain valuable and loyal cardholders. Reward customers for using their card at a POS, moving them away from expensive ATM withdrawals and extending cardholder lifetime value.

Multilingual Self Service

i2c’s robust digital tools and customer service capabilities allow consumers to manage their accounts in multiple languages. Customers can load funds, check balances, and support customer service inquiries with intelligent integrated voice response (IVR), self-service websites, and mobile apps custom-branded to your business. Our multilingual call center agents are trained specifically to support financial services products and provide comprehensive support for a complete customer service experience.

Money Management and Budgeting

The i2c platform supports spending purses with preset limits, which helps customers avoid debt accumulation and makes budgeting easier. A savings purse can also be used to promote good financial management.

Multi-Purse and Multi-Currency

i2c’s industry-leading multi-purse technologies conveniently enable card users to carry unlimited currencies on one card, saving time while avoiding foreign transaction fees. Cardholders can add new currencies and transfer funds between purses—all in real-time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Multi-level, on-demand program activity reports help you clearly understand your prepaid card programs. i2c’s reporting and analytics tools provide robust filtering and scheduling capabilities, enabling you to easily customize and share reports.

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