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APIs That Let You Innovate

Your ideas. Our APIs. Let’s make it happen. With over 300 compound
APIs that work seamlessly together for any card product or form factor,
we support your payments vision and world-class customer experiences
– all while leveraging your existing investments.

Flexible APIs Built Around
Your Business

Our APIs can handle whatever you need – or we can build APIs for you. Choose from APIs that enable web experiences, mobile wallets, coupons and rewards, back-office operations, and more.

Our APIs Are Yours To Control

Our issuer-focused approach let’s you choose when, where and how to use our library of APIs to their advantage. Leverage functionality and access content as you require it, whenever you need it.

Avoid Duplication
With Single Source-Code

i2c uses the same technology to feed its own applications, making it available to our clients. We use what you use: there is no duplication of data, nor latency.

Help Your Business Hum

Our advanced approach allows multiple functions to be accomplished with a single-use or compound API. Coupled with fast integrations and straightforward data access, you can manage your card program more efficiently.

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