Meet citizen demands for quick payments with a secure and cost-effective disbursement solution

Increasingly, local, regional and federal governments around the world are looking to move away from costly and inconvenient checks and vouchers for sending payments to citizens. The benefits are many – cost reduction, increased efficiency, greater financial inclusion and economic growth, to name a few. As a leader in the payments industry with over a decade of experience helping organizations launch new payment programs, i2c can help your government agency make the transition from check-based payments to fully electronic disbursements facilitated by either a card or mobile app.

With i2c, you can enjoy the advantages of a convenient online administrative website from which you can initiate payments, order prepaid cards, track recipient activity, view detailed reports, and much more.

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Key Features
Configurable Platform
Configurable Platform
i2c’s modular platform is comprised of a suite of highly configurable components that can be quickly assembled for customized solutions, allowing customers to pick and choose elements to create specific technology combinations that meet their unique needs. Rapidly configure, scale, and deploy global programs through a simple web-based interface.
Highly Reliable
Highly Reliable
i2c guarantees 99.99% uptime and has a track record of 100% processing availability with no platform outages.
Extensive Security
Extensive Security
Our 360 degree approach to security includes a set of advanced, multi-layered data and information security protocols designed to protect our customers and their data. Our commitment to on-going PCI-DSS and SSAE16 audits keeps security at the forefront of our global operational model.
Advanced Digital Framework
Advanced Digital Framework
i2c’s sophisticated digital framework provides fully branded Android, iOS, and mobile web apps, while supporting digital payments, and wallets. A wide range of powerful digital features including text alerts, card controls, and integrated loyalty features can be enabled for an engaging customer experience. Customers wishing to build their own solutions can use i2c’s well-documented APIs to maximize their existing IT investments.

Streamline your payment process

i2c provides all of the tools needed to maintain a consistent and positive experience, such as mobile apps, web-based account access, and real-time account alerts. Government employees also have access to our on-demand reporting and analytics tool so they can track and manage their programs effectively.

Accelerate Disbursements

Accelerate disbursements and provide unparalleled system availability for a consistent and positive customer experience. New disbursement programs can be set up in as little as 30 days and changes can be made immediately as needed by using our convenient self-service administrative portal.

Build a Better End-User Experience

Optimize your payment disbursement efficiencies while enhancing the end-user experience. We provide you with all of the tools and expertise you need to reduce costs and create an efficient process.

Increase Security and Prevent Fraud

Ensure the security of disbursements and prevent fraud with some of the most sophisticated authentication and fraud prevention capabilities and in the industry.

Flexible, Configurable and Scalable System

i2c allows you to quickly create government disbursement card programs with parameter-driven functionality, which makes it simple to incorporate your specific requirements. As needs grow, new programs can be added in a matter of hours and changes can be made real-time. Governments can pre-determine when and where funds can be used.