Government Disbursements

Accelerate and streamline government payments

Government agencies around the world are continually looking for ways to fulfill their missions and improve service to citizens. At the same time, they are faced with the challenge of doing more with less due to continuing budget cuts and limited resources. With more and more government agencies mandating that all payments be processed electronically—eliminating the more costly paper check method – prepaid cards have emerged as the payment tool of choice.

Governments around the world can use the i2c platform to integrate prepaid cards into their disbursement processes. Prepaid cards allow all citizens—regardless of whether they have a bank account—to enjoy the speed, convenience and security of electronic payments. They can access their funds immediately with the card, avoiding the hassle of check cashing and risk associated with carrying cash.

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Key Features
Self-Service Administrative Portal
Self-Service Administrative Portal
New programs can be customized and launched quickly and changes can be made easily using our web-based self-service administrative portal. The i2c platform provides all of the tools needed to build a personalized, consistent experience for users, such as mobile apps, web-based account access, and real-time account alerts.
Real-Time Communications
Real-Time Communications
Personalized and contextual real-time alerts give recipients immediate updates on critical account information, such as disbursement posted, account balance, recent activity, suspicious transactions, and account spending activity, delivered via push, text message, email, or phone.
Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive Reporting
Extensive on-demand program activity reports help governments clearly understand their program activity. Our reporting and analytical tools provide robust filtering capabilities to customize reports for your unique needs.
Anywhere, Anytime Account Management
Anywhere, Anytime Account Management
With our easy to use mobile app and account access website, users can access pertinent account information and easily manage their funds. A customizable IVR and live agents are also supported in any language you need.
Extensive Security and Stability
Advanced Digital Framework
Our 360 degree approach to security includes a set of advanced, multi-layered data and information security protocols designed to protect our customers and their data. Our commitment to on-going PCI-DSS and SSAE16 audits keeps security at the forefront of our global operational model. i2c guarantees 99.99% uptime and has a track record of 100% processing availability with no platform outages.

Make payments fast, secure, and efficient

Electronic disbursements are more secure than cash or check and get money into the hands of customers who need it faster and more efficiently, freeing up agency resources and reducing operational costs.

Governments around the world use the i2c platform to integrate prepaid cards into their disbursement processes. As a cloud-based solution, there is no IT infrastructure investment required, reducing costs and accelerating time to deployment.

Flexible, Configurable and Scalable System

i2c allows you to quickly create government disbursement card programs with parameter-driven functionality, which makes it simple to incorporate your specific requirements. As needs grow, new programs can be added in a matter of hours and changes can be made real-time. Governments can pre-determine when and where funds can be used.

Accelerate Disbursements

Accelerate disbursements and provide unparalleled system availability for a consistent and positive user experience. New disbursement programs can be set up in as little as 30 days and changes can be made immediately as needed by using our convenient self-service administrative portal.

Build a Better End-User Experience

Optimize your payment disbursement efficiencies while enhancing the end-user experience. We provide you with all of the tools and expertise you need to reduce costs and create an efficient process.

Improve Processes

Enjoy automated management and reporting of disbursement expenses and outstanding balances. Eliminate the expense related to paper checks and manual processing, freeing up critical resources that can be used in more strategic areas.

Prevent Fraud

i2c allows for the setting of fraud rules, fraud screening, velocity checks, thresholds, and other fraud parameters specifically for prepaid products – all integrated into the system.