Gift Card

Drive incremental sales with memorable gift card programs

Thanks to their convenience and versatility, gift cards remain on of the most popular gifts for givers and receivers, both for family and friends and business associates. Brands see them as a tool to build ongoing customer relationships to drive incremental sales, provide marketing data, lead to repeat customers, and encourage referrals. Widely available in the retail setting, gift cards are now making the leap into the virtual and mobile world, creating additional convenience for users and opening up new opportunities for brands to interact with consumers.

i2c’s processing platform is the most advanced and comprehensive prepaid gift card solutions in the industry, supporting all types of gift card programs, including traditional programs accessed with a plastic card and emerging programs that incorporate virtual accounts and mobile redemption. We offer powerful loyalty and marketing tools to communicate with and engage consumers in more meaningful ways.

Key Features
Self-Service Administrative Portal
Configurable Platform
New programs can be customized and launched quickly and changes can be made easily using our web-based self-service administrative portal. The i2c platform provides all of the tools needed to maintain a consistent and positive experience for customers, such as mobile apps, web-based account access and real-time account alerts.
Rewards and Incentives
Rewards and Incentives
Offer real-time, targeted digital coupons to encourage consumers to take desired actions, or incorporate rewards to promote repeat usage and loyalty.
Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive Reporting
Multi-level on-demand program activity reports help companies understand their gift card programs clearly. Our reporting and analytical tools provide robust filtering and scheduling capabilities, enabling companies to customize reports and share them easily.
Extensive Security and Stability
Extensive Security and Stability
Our 360 degree approach to security includes a set of advanced, multi-layered data and information security protocols designed to protect our customers and their data. Our commitment to on-going PCI-DSS and SSAE16 audits keeps security at the forefront of our global operational model. i2c guarantees 99.99% uptime and has a track record of 100% processing availability with no platform outages.

Quickly design, configure, and launch gift card programs to meet any market need

Quickly create any gift card programs to meet your requirements. The i2c platform is driven by user-defined parameters and business rules so companies can create programs to meet the specific needs of their business. New programs can be added in a matter of hours and changes can be made real-time.

Engage Customers

Our integrated campaign management, mobile messaging, and loyalty modules enable companies to engage customers, drive loyalty, and increase revenue.

Deploy Rapidly

As a cloud-based solution, i2c does not require any up-front investment in IT and can be deployed in as little as 30 days.

Prevent Fraud

Integrated fraud management features specifically designed for prepaid products help companies and consumers stay ahead of fraud attempts.