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We offer a single global processing product that is engineered to create profitable, long-lasting customer relationships.

No matter what your program involves – traditional, virtual or mobile accounts– our issuer processing product, i2c MCP (My Card Place), has you covered. Use it to quickly and dynamically create meaningful differentiation in your product while gaining efficiencies in your operations – the keys to being profitable in competitive markets. With the deepest processing feature set available and unparalleled security, availability and scalability, i2c MCP is the backbone your programs need to thrive.


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Key Features



Configure & rapidly deploy programs globally through a user-defined interface. Maximize your profitability with advanced fraud mitigation and on-demand reporting & analytics.

Sales & Enrollment

Whether you market your product online or via a call center, walk-in location or channel partner arrangement, we have the tools you need to manage sales and sign-ups.


Engagement & Loyalty

Create long-lasting, profitable relationships with your customers by differentiating your product with our unique capabilities.

Customer Support

Provide top-notch service to your customers with our multi-channel support options. Gain efficiencies and reduce costs with support offerings tailored to your program.

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Why it’s Special


Get all of the components you need to quickly launch, grow and optimize your payment programs with our end-to-end processing solution. From card issuing to mobile apps to financial settlement and beyond, i2c offers the full range of features and services you may need. Utilize all features and services for a fully outsourced solution or pick and choose the components needed to execute your business strategy.

Our processing product is not burdened by legacy constraints. It doesn’t force you to compromise your goals and strategies to fit within the rigid confines of outdated technology. We let you build a program yourself and configure any business rule needed using intuitive point & click settings. While some processors require you to open a support ticket for the most minor changes, we put the control in your hands to make changes in real-time.

Quickly scale your business without sacrificing availability and security. Our modular architecture and robust production environment spanning three data centers makes it possible. In stress tests, our systems have supported 3900 transactions per second (TPS) with a response time of under 100 miliseconds. The components of our production environment, supported 24x7x365 by dedicated security and production support teams, have helped us maintain 99.99% availability with no security breaches.

Operate programs across countries, languages and currencies using only one product. With i2c, you will never run into the painful situation of having to implement on different processing platforms for each new market you enter. We offer a single processing product that can be used anywhere. This speeds up your expansion into new markets, simplifies processing infrastructure management and provides a single view across your global products portfolio.

My Card Place is loaded with features that will keep your customers satisfied and your business profitable. Highly sophisticated fraud detection, on-demand reporting & analytics and support for all types of emerging payment applications are just a few of our core processing capabilities. Add to this features such as digital offers, mobile apps and personalized messaging, and its clear that we are not your ordinary processor but more like a complete commerce platform.

Concept-to-test account in 24 hours? It’s possible with i2c because the ability to conceive, configure and control the details of your programs lies in your hands. Need to modify a business rule? Now? We let you do it yourself in seconds and without the need of costly development work. This real-time configurability gets your programs off the ground faster and gives you the agility to make changes at any time to optimize profitability.



Use Cases


Card Products

Launch debit, prepaid or credit products designed around your customers needs.

Mobile Payments

Power mobile payment or wallet programs with the platform best suited to the mobile world.


Digitize money movement across borders and currencies. We help you make it happen.

Multi-Use Accounts

Offer more than just a way to pay by combining payments with other transaction capabilities.



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