Streamlined processing between currencies benefits businesses, governments, and consumers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – April 8, 2013– i2c Inc., a provider of payment processing and emerging commerce solutions, announced today that it is live with multi-currency purse technology on its global payments platform, MCP. Developed in December 2012 to enhance MCP’s native globalization features, the technology gives consumers of prepaid cards the option of separating their funds into multiple currencies while using just one account.

The new feature streamlines processing between currencies and provides real-time enhanced funds loading and transfer options. At the Point-of-Sale (POS), the local currency of the consumer’s purchase is automatically detected, matched to the applicable currency purse on their card, and debited using that currency. In addition to making purchases in multiple currencies, consumers may also load funds in any currency and transfer funds between currencies in real-time via text message, web or IVR.

i2c’s multi-currency purse feature is configurable for all currencies, making it ideal for global travel and disbursement card programs.

Patricia McPeak, vice president, product marketing at i2c says, “The ability to load, spend and transact across currencies in such a frictionless manner will save consumers time and allow them to avoid fees associated with money transfers, currency conversion, and foreign transactions.”

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