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i2c Chief Executive Discusses Payment & Loyalty Innovations at Mobile Payments Conferencer

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Redwood City, CA—October 21, 2011Amir Wain, Chief Executive Officer of i2c, Inc., a payment processing innovator, was recently featured in two panel discussions at the 3rd Mobile Contactless Payment Innovations Summit, held October 17-18, 2011 in Chicago, IL. Organized by Strategic Solutions Network, the summit brought together leading technology and business executives to discuss the current and future state of mobile payments in North America.

In the session “Mobile Wallet Technology: Delivering True Value to the Merchant and Consumer”, Wain initiated discussion on the topic of openness in delivering mobile payments to consumers in North America. “Locking out consumers from making payments based on a hardware or software spec is short-sighted. i2c believes that collaboration and open standards will add the most value for consumers, the key driver to adoption and ultimate ubiquity of mobile payments,” he said.

As moderator of the session “Innovative Solutions that Incorporate Payments, Loyalty and Rewards for Optimizing Customer Engagement”, Wain lead a panel discussion which explored solutions and tactics for initiating meaningful consumer interactions in a crowded mobile landscape. “Providing personalized mobile offers, rewards and loyalty programs play a huge role not only in driving consumer adoption, but in making mobile payments a viable business model,” said Wain, echoing the message he has delivered to other payment industry conferences in recent years.

Wain also said that the infrastructure behind mobile payments must go beyond basic payment processing. “Mobile payments is not just about the front-end and completing a payment transaction. There are many components that must be integrated behind the scenes including targeted loyalty campaigns, digital coupons, cycle metric data, privacy settings, data security and transaction settlement. Any serious player in this space must have the infrastructure to manage these things in an integrated manner.”

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