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FI Payments Innovation Agenda

A blueprint for creating an innovation mindset

The modern innovation model has four tenets: Make innovation efforts about the customer, make them accountable, make them relevant, and make innovation a culture and a mindset. Top innovators follow this model, use the latest technology, and pave a clear path to continued success in operationalizing innovation.


Making Innovation Customer Focused

80 Top Performers
42 Middle Performers
27 Bottom Performers

Plan to invest in consumer engagement in the next three years

Making Innovation Accountable

80 Top Performers
34 Middle Performers
20 Bottom Performers

Consider increased demand for high margin services in ROI calculations

Making Innovation Relevant

100 Top Performers
84 Middle Performers
27 Bottom Performers

Rate their innovation success as very/extremely successful


The FI Payments Innovation Agenda


Creating an Effective Innovation Agenda


The Key Components of a Successful Innovation Model


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