Processing Guarantees

Better Processing. Guaranteed.

i2c has always made tremendous investments in infrastructure, design, technology, and processes to our i2c platform and operate them in accordance with the highest industry standards. This results in a robust prepaid, debit or credit platform that allows us to make these important guarantees in writing to you.

99.99% Uptime 99.99% Uptime

Always on, always working – i2c is there when you need us.

You can’t afford to have your consumers experience processing problems, which is why with two Tier 4 data centers in the United States, processing with i2c means you enjoy the industries highest maximum uptime for your programs. We fully understand your business cannot afford the costs associated with outages and security breaches and our decade long track record makes us a safe and secure choice on which to base your business.

To Market in 30 Days To Market in 30 Days

Experience agility with i2c.

Since delays to your implementation mean a loss of potential revenue for you, we focus on getting your program to market in 30 days or less. Our user-defined interface simplifies the set-up process allowing for quick roll-out to markets across the globe. And that same user-defined interface means later on you can easily make changes and define new programs without having to rely on us. But if your experiencing obstacles, then our dedicated and experienced team works to resolve the issues with you in the quickest time frame possible.

Lower Service Cost per Account Lower Service Cost per Account

i2c will reduce your overall costs – guaranteed.

Partnering with i2c is guaranteed to lower your service cost per account immediately. We develop and launch all of our cutting edge products and services in-house, from mobile apps to customer service options. Since we don’t outsource our services, the cost savings transfer directly to our clients. And because the components of all i2c products and applications that comprise our platform have been designed to work together in an optimized fashion, the system is inherently efficient in how it serves each account, thus creating further cost savings.

Most Features in Production Most Features in Production

With a processing platform that can do more than any other, successfully realize your business vision.

We constantly strive to anticipate the demands of clients in their financial products. For this reason we have always kept a strict and set schedule to offer our customers a minimum of 12 releases per year, so every month, our robust and flexible platform gets even better. We are an engineering led company, and large teams at i2c are dedicated to development only and focused on adding features, functionality and upgrades to our product lines. This enables your creation of differentiated consumer focused payment programs and products that create consumer loyalty and increased profits.