The Bancorp Bank

Jeremy Kuiper, Managing Director, Payment Solutions Group

“Bancorp Bank Payment Solutions Group’s partnership with i2c has contributed to fulfilling our business objectives by delivering innovative processing solutions and services for many of our prepaid products. i2c’s focus on robust, customer-centric and flexible solutions, coupled with its cutting-edge technology, complements our strategy to deliver creative, flexible and profitable prepaid card programs and the ability for us to manage several large-volume programs efficiently.

We also share a big-picture view of return on investment with i2c. Together we can get to know our cardholders, offer them better, targeted products and services, increase the average revenue per card, build a loyal cardholder base and benefit from higher return on investment throughout the value chain.”



David Suzuki, CEO

“i2c has the best, most scalable and most reliable technology. When we had a chance to tie our horse to their wagon, we jumped at it. We chose i2c because it has processed billions of dollars over the past decade and because of the reliability of its processing platform. KargoCard is on the customer-facing, acquiring side and i2c really drives a lot of the features we’re offering to the client, such as electronic coupons, mobile applications and membership and loyalty programs”


Meta Payment Systems

Brad Hanson, President
Executive Vice President, Meta Financial Group and MetaBank

“Meta Payment Systems has worked with i2c Inc. for several years now, and we have built a solid and fruitful relationship together. i2c and Meta have a shared vision—a vision based on the basic tenets of delivering value for all parties and the power of innovation. i2c has been a great partner to work with in developing market-leading solutions that help shape the future of the industry.

With the My Card Place (MCP) processing platform, we know that we and our partners are on the cutting edge. Our partners can take advantage of innovative enhancements, which can be monitored and refined in real time and solve real-life problems that matter.”