SMB Credit

Help SMBs manage, protect, and grow their business with credit products built for the unique needs of SMBs

Small and Medium Business (SMB) is a growing and highly competitive market segment. With high interchange revenue and more frequent purchases of bigger ticket items, the SMB business card market represents a huge opportunity for issuers with the right solutions.

SMB owners have unique requirements when it comes to what they want and need in a credit product. They are motivated by different features than what appeal to individual consumers or larger companies. i2c’s SMB Credit solution is built specifically to meet the needs of SMBs and provides issuers with innovative, industry-leading features designed to help win and retain cardholders in this growing segment.

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i2c SMB Credit Solution Benefits

Innovative Access to Increased Credit with Smart Pay and Flex Buy

The i2c SMB Credit Solution offers new ways for SMBs to easily access supplementary funds to support business expansion. Smart Pay automatically applies an immediate payment to the cardholder’s account to eliminate the worry of “maxing out” a credit line. Flex Buy, an add-on to the revolving credit line, gives businesses a way to purchase large-ticket items with personalized terms without impacting available credit or existing terms.

Personalized Digital Features to Help SMBs Manage Their Business

Cardholders can easily choose card settings and manage their account anytime, anywhere with mobile account access. Personalized and contextual real-time alerts give cardholders immediate updates on critical account information, including a failed log in, suspicious transactions and spending activity via push, text message, email, or phone. Controls for spending restrictions and thresholds can be fine-tuned by merchant type or by specific employees.

Build Loyalty with Rewards

Rewards are a critical feature of any card product, especially when it comes to SMBs. Design products with compelling loyalty programs that let cardholders earn miles, points, or cash-back in addition to card-linked offers and digital coupons—all with easy redemption options to drive top-of-wallet status.

Differentiated Solution

Many SMBs use personal cards for their business, but those products lack the tools and functionality necessary to support a growing business. Worse, many credit cards marketed to SMBs are simply consumer credit card products re-branded as business cards. The rewards and functionality are consumer-focused and don’t meet the needs of small business owners. i2c’s SMB Credit Solution is purpose-built for SMBs and addresses their specific needs, allowing issuers to target this profitable cardholder segment.

Value-Added Services for Issuers

The turnkey components of the i2c platform allow you to add your own branding, features, and fee-structure for a truly competitive and market-differentiated solution. In addition, i2c offers some of the most advanced after-market services in the payments industry, including 24x7x365 customer service in multiple languages, fraud management services, compliance analytics, performance management, settlement, and reconciliation.