Premium Services


We offer a lot more than just a great technology platform. Our premium services provide cost-effective solutions to meet your operational needs.


Premium Fraud Service

Premium Fraud Service

Let us handle all aspects of fraud – from detection to prevention to investigation – and never suffer a fraud loss again.

Yes, you read that correctly. When you use our premium fraud service, we cover all fraud losses your program incurs while subscribed to the service. This provides you with a level of predictability in your financial performance and eliminates the risk that a major fraud loss event will destroy your business.

i2c’s premium fraud service addresses fraud on all fronts, providing a turnkey fraud prevention solution:

We work with you to leverage the i2c platform’s numerous fraud settings. Get expert assistance to set an optimal configuration for your program to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Our Fraud Team monitors all transactions – attempted and authorized – on your programs, providing an additional layer of defense over the platform controls.

If fraud is suspected, our team springs into action by handling all phases of investigation. They will also take care of validating transactions with consumers and fulfilling the necessary reporting obligations on your behalf.

In the event fraud happens, we will process chargebacks for your customers and provide them with automated and live agent support to ensure efficient issue resolution. We will also review your platform settings to prevent the fraud from occurring again.


Program Management

Program Management

Managing successful prepaid card programs is a lot of work that requires daily attention. By letting i2c take on this burden, you can concentrate on more strategic work.

We employ a team of experts with prepaid industry experience who know the ins and outs of the i2c platform and its capabilities. They are able to leverage this knowledge to implement a program management regimen focused on driving your profitability.

The processing platform and its configuration plays a big role in driving profitability by helping to both control costs and improve the customer experience. Our team will customize settings related to fraud, account alerts, pricing, promotions, partner commissions and more. You drive the overall strategy and we will configure the platform to best support it.

Using the i2c platform’s on-demand reporting and analytics tool, we will deliver relevant reports to you on the information you and other stakeholders in your organization need. We make full use of the platform’s analytical capabilities in order to perform essential tasks necessary to optimize your program, such as tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), spotting trends and evaluating the impact of marketing pushes.

We keep a close eye on the drivers that impact your profitability, including but not limited to Cardholder Acquisition Cost, Average Revenue per Card and Churn. By quantifying and tracking KPIs, we gain the intelligence required to keep your program on a profitable path.

All of the tasks we perform to help you run and optimize your program provides us with a lot of insight. We not only transfer this knowledge to you on a regular basis, but we also provide you with our recommendations on how to improve your value proposition and customer experience.


Customer Service

Customer Service

Our 24x7x365 multi-lingual call centers offer efficient, cost-effective options for servicing your customers.

Inbound customer call handling. Outbound marketing campaigns. After hours customer service. Whatever your needs, i2c’s live call center agents can be put to work for your program. We work with you to build a support experience customized to your requirements and service levels.

We can provide you with 24 hour live agent support that comply with your service level requirements. Need less support? That’s fine too – we also offer after hours support or can handle your spill over volume during peak times.

Have a new feature for which you want to drive adoption? Or maybe you want to execute a promotion to make your dormant accounts active again? Our agents can help by delivering your message to targeted customer segments.

Some customers prefer to handle their issues via email. Our agents can receive your customers’ inbound email messages, research the issues and respond promptly with resolutions.

Our agents can help you understand customer perceptions and address service issues. We can conduct surveys for you or respond to service issues identified by listening to customer voicemails, emails or text messages.


i2c Call Center Facts

  •  Two 24x7x365 call centers
  •  English, Spanish & Portuguese offered
  •  Detailed reporting available
  •  All calls recorded
  •  130 educated agents
  •  Agents have direct platform access
  •  Low agent turnover (<4% annually)