Retail and B2C Corporations

Build deeper relationships with customers using smarter payments and integrated loyalty marketing solutions

It’s well known that driving repeat business from loyal customers maximizes profitability, and achieving a high lifetime customer value is essential to long-term success. That is why we offer you the products, services and support you need to implement the critical strategies and tactics for launching and optimizing effective retail payments and loyalty programs. i2c gives you new ways to retain existing customers, attract new customers, increase customer purchases, and create deeper engagement.

Key Features
Delight your customers by providing a range of reward options including points, account credits, miles, cash-back, and card-linked coupons and offers.
Capture the behaviors, goals, environments, needs, and attitudes of your customers based on a multitude of data points. Always deliver the right message or offer to the right customer at the right time.
Campaign Management
Campaign Management
Execute marketing campaigns with little to no effort with event-triggering capabilities and real-time access to rich data such as customer purchase history, location data, and redemption insights.
Delivery & Redemption
Delivery & Redemption
Reach customers through a variety of channels, whether in-app, SMS, email or voice. Make it seamless for them to redeem offers and specify preferences.

Build rich, relevant, and personalized experiences

i2c’s platform gives you greater insight into your customers’ needs, lifestyles and preferences, providing you with the intelligence necessary to best meet their needs. From mobile payment processing and gift card programs, to check cashing and remittances, i2c can support any prepaid, debit or credit program in plastic, virtual and mobile form.

Ideate and Enable

Dream your business vision and be creative. With our platform’s unmatched configurability and features, you can create and deploy any use case or enable any business process that requires a payment.

Expand Brand Reach Globally

Execute your business strategy across markets and geographies. Our single, global cloud-based platform allows you to create engaging, differentiated transactional commerce experiences for customers anywhere in the world.

Create Loyalty

Move your customers through the life cycle of consumer, repeat consumer, and advocate by leveraging our platform to build unique loyalty programs. Send personalized marketing, account, and customer service messages to targeted customer segments. Or target offers based on customer-specified preferences, demographic data, or payment and purchase transactions.

Gain Insight

Use real-time, transaction-level data as “triggers” to create loyalty campaigns that sync with a cardholder’s behavior. i2c’s loyalty capabilities can be used as an integrated solution or stand-alone, and can be coupled with other systems and data sources.

Drive Value

With a broad spectrum of customer engagement opportunities and capabilities, take advantage of merchant-funded rewards and digital coupons or utilize i2c’s complete loyalty platform with integrated mobile communication tools.