Automate complex billing, settlement and reconciliation processes to save time and money.

If your business model requires you to share a portion of your transactions with partners, collect commissions from multiple companies or settle in multiple currencies, our i2c FastSettle product will make your life easier. These scenarios can quickly become an operational nightmare prone to errors and delays. i2c FastSettle simplifies this complexity by automating the entire process from soup to nuts.


Key Features



Load details of your contracts – prices, billing events or other material requirements – and let i2c FastSettle automatically calculate invoices or commission statements.


Determine how, what and when settlement will occur with your partners, and send payments with ease. Customize all aspects of how settlement occurs from one centralized location.



Tie it all together by verifying that all activities have been completed accurately. Catch errors early and provide your partners with a way to coordinate with you on discrepancies.


Run detailed reports on amounts billed and settled. Slice and dice the data any way you desire to gain deeper insights into your business.


Any country. Any currency. Any language. All with one product.
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Program Management

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Use Cases



Clear, settle, bill and report according to hierarchical criteria, customizable to suite your different partners needs.

Multiple Business Areas

Slice and dice settlement and reporting information across your various business units.

Operations Efficiency

Reduce costs, improve accuracy and eliminate manual processes.


Turn the complex and lengthy reconciliation process into an organized, quick and easy task.