Platform Reliability

Built for global reliability and innovation, because you shouldn’t have to choose.

A Highly Reliable Platform

i2c designed our payment processing platform to be highly reliable because our customers cannot afford any downtime. Ever. So, how can we make a claim of having “0” outages? It’s because of our unique architecture. MCP is designed for high availability, scalability and robust security. The platform was built from the ground up using Java Enterprise Edition and is deployed on SUN/ORACLE Clusters across redundant, active-active data centers with no single point of failure. We maintain four copies a client’s database for maximum redundancy. The use of virtualization technology in our data centers and MCP’s service-oriented architecture allows us to add capacity where needed in a very nimble and flexible way. We have a network management system in place, which is capable of monitoring and ensuring system availability and performance. A team of system and network engineers closely monitor the infrastructure 24x7x365.

Global Coverage

We support consumers in over 216 countries and territories, across all 24 time zones around the globe. Our single global platform provides payment processing and cardholder support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Continuous Innovation

Our global platform approach makes i2c like a global Research and Development center for payments. We are continuously adding new capabiliites and industry leading features based on client requirements we take in around the world. This approach makes i2c unique as we can add functionality from a customer in one part of the world, and instantly make that same capability available to the rest of our customers instantly. When market conditions are such that those capabilities are needed, our customers can quickly access them, rather than having to wait months to have the developed. We also implement monthly functionality releases, giving our customers the most advanced capabilities to keep their programs differentiated.