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October 24, 2017

New Study Reveals Increased Focus on Innovation in Payments as Financial Institutions Seek Competitive Edge

Comprehensive survey of how financial institutions bring to market new products and features uncovers obstacles and key drivers of success

September 6, 2017

New Multi-Function Loyalty and Payments Card Gives Frequent Flyer Programs a Big Lift

Combining loyalty and payments on a single card is a boon for consumers and airlines

June 20, 2017

i2c Appoints Payments Industry Veteran to Lead Global Operations

Jean Douchey Brings Expertise Running Large Operations for Payments Services Providers

News Coverage

What Defines Global Customer Success
November 16, 2017

What Defines Global Customer Success

Payments is changing rapidly, and vendors need to be true partners with the FIs they serve. i2c’s Peg Johnson explains that the role of the Customer Success organization is more important than ever in helping boost the profitability of their customers’ payments programs.

Mouth, Meet Money In Payments Innovation
November 7, 2017

Mouth, Meet Money In Payments Innovation

Financial institutions know they have to innovate against a hyper competitive and changing landscape. Firms large and small are eyeing opportunities to keep customers happy and loyal — and are spending both time and money, as our Data Drivers with Marc Winitz, CMO of i2c,…

CEO’s Guide to Generating Revenue from New Product Introductions
November 7, 2017

CEO’s Guide to Generating Revenue from New Product Introductions

In a video interview, i2c founder and CEO Amir Wain, discusses how to commercialize technical innovation.


Built-In Obsolescence
Nov 14 , 2017

Built-In Obsolescence

As I noted in a previous blog post, the legacy payments processing systems currently used by many financial institutions (FIs) are notoriously slow, inflexible, and out of sync with today’s market needs. The underlying technology was built decades ago and never designed for contemporary market realities.This fact was highlighted recently in a post in Chris Skinner’s blog, ...

Why Fusing Postal Services with Payments Is a Perfect Match
Oct 04 , 2017

Why Fusing Postal Services with Payments Is a Perfect Match

It is increasingly difficult for postal organizations to stay relevant in a rapidly changing economy defined by evolving consumer preferences and mass adoption of mobile and digital technologies. Aggregate mail volume has fallen over 25% during the past ten years, and traditional core mail business now represents less than half of global postal industry revenue.As a result, revenue diversification remains ...

Six Ways to Improve Airline Frequent Flyer Card Programs (Infographic)
Sep 19 , 2017

Six Ways to Improve Airline Frequent Flyer Card Programs (Infographic)

In many ways, the major U.S. airlines have organized themselves into two distinct businesses. The first is the traditional business with jets, which involves selling seats at the most profitable price possible, collecting baggage fees, and selling food and drinks while keeping a close eye on costs. The other business is the sale of loyalty program miles to banks, ...


August/September, 2017

Newsletter – August/September, 2017

  • Australia Post Selects i2c to Expand Digital Payments Offerings
  • Jean Douchey Joins i2c to Head Global Operations
  • i2c’s Peg Johnson Talks with’s Karen Webster
  • i2c Debuts New Website with Fresh Agile Look

March/April, 2017

Newsletter – March/April, 2017

  • Peg Johnson Joins i2c to Lead Global Client Success Organization
  • i2c Powers Bento Prepaid Employee Expense Card for SMB
  • Whitepaper: Overcoming the Risks of Rapid Market Change

Jan/Feb, 2017

Newsletter – January/February, 2017

  • Webinar: Powering Prepaid Solutions with Agile Processing
  • The Keys To Managing Innovation In The Age of Payments Transformation
  • Analyst Report: Innovating Payments in the Digital World
  • VIDEO: Contextual Payments with Agile Processing

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