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September 6, 2017

New Multi-Function Loyalty and Payments Card Gives Frequent Flyer Programs a Big Lift

Combining loyalty and payments on a single card is a boon for consumers and airlines

June 20, 2017

i2c Appoints Payments Industry Veteran to Lead Global Operations

Jean Douchey Brings Expertise Running Large Operations for Payments Services Providers

June 7, 2017

Australia Post Selects i2c to Power the Next Generation of Its Financial Services Products and Services

Flexibility and Scalability of i2c’s Agile Payments Processing Platform Supports Modernization of Customer Experience and Innovation Across Australia Post’s Financial Services Portfolio

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i2c Launches Frequent Flyer Payment Card
September 7, 2017

i2c Launches Frequent Flyer Payment Card

The air miles rewards market is set to take off, as the melding of airline customer loyalty and payment features on a single, multi-function payment card becomes a reality.

Combining Loyalty and Payments on a Single Card is a Boon for Consumers and Airlines
September 6, 2017

Combining Loyalty and Payments on a Single Card is a Boon for Consumers and Airlines

With 23.8 trillion air miles going unredeemed globally and 80% of US airline rewards program members inactive, an innovative solution combining airline loyalty with sophisticated payments features on a single multi-function card is set to significantly elevate airline frequent flyer programs.

Find Innovation in a Sandbox, Not in a Lab
July 22, 2017

Find Innovation in a Sandbox, Not in a Lab

By taking an incremental innovation approach using a “sandbox” methodology where issuers have the tools to compose and perfect new ideas, payments providers can innovate the right solution at any moment in the future.


June 29, 2017

5 Ways A Multi-Currency Debit Solution Can Grow Your Business

Debit cards have been around for a long time. With worldwide circulation exceeding 8 billion and a 9.4% increase over last year (nearly 895 million more debit cards), they are here to stay (Nilson Report, May 2017). But multi-currency debit cards are a new innovation not widely offered, especially in North America, and it may …

April 12, 2017

What Do LEGOs and Card Processing Have in Common? (Agility)

During a recent interview with McKinsey Quarterly, Citigroup’s Head of Operations and Technology Don Callahan stated that the biggest risk for the financial services industry is “whether it will be able to move fast enough. Are we going be able to think and execute swiftly?” Callahan specifically pointed to the industry’s need for agility. He …

March 2, 2017

Driving Engagement Across the Customer Lifecycle

In payments, cardholder experience and engagement is more important than ever. The high expectations and limited patience of today’s consumers mean that if an experience is not relevant or meaningful, or if it creates too much friction, the customer can simply move on to a better choice. Financial institutions understand this, and they also know …


March/April, 2017

Newsletter – March/April, 2017

  • Peg Johnson Joins i2c to Lead Global Client Success Organization
  • i2c Powers Bento Prepaid Employee Expense Card for SMB
  • Whitepaper: Overcoming the Risks of Rapid Market Change

Jan/Feb, 2017

Newsletter – January/February, 2017

  • Webinar: Powering Prepaid Solutions with Agile Processing
  • The Keys To Managing Innovation In The Age of Payments Transformation
  • Analyst Report: Innovating Payments in the Digital World
  • VIDEO: Contextual Payments with Agile Processing

Dec, 2016

Newsletter – December, 2016

  • Live from Money 20/20: i2c on Finextra TV
  • Agility in Payments: Prepare for the Future You Can’t Predict
  • Kiwibank Travel and Gift Cards Demonstrate Sophistication of Prepaid Solutions

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